It on the guy that has the cartridge

It was a cold winters day and me and my gang were at the den drawing straws to see which poor guy was going in next. If I had any idea what was going to happen later on that day I would of that the gang a long time ago. This was a ritual between two gangs it was kind of like the “Russian Roulette” the torture game. Two people were choose, one from each gang and were sent down into a damp, dark smelly, rat invested basement. They were given a gun and a number of cartridges. The gun was loaded and the barrel was spun. One guy held the gun and loaded it; he then held it up to his head and pulled the trigger.

God have pity on the guy that has the cartridge loaded as he ends up with a massive hole in his head. I’ve never been in that position but I’ve heard and seen the guys that have came out of that dreaded basement. I was about 15 at the time and I was brain washed by my so-called gang. At the time my gang could do no wrong, it was my life, my crew and my family. At first we just hung about at each other’s house and went to the cinema each weekend, but then there was drink, drugs and they started stealing cars. I tried to get out of it but they kept persuading me to stay.

There were two main gangs in my estate; my gang “The Diddymen” and our rival gang “The Loughries Loffies. ” For ages we’d been rivals, been in fights and destroyed each other’s dens. I picked the shortest straw from our gang and from our rivals a kid called Dave got the short straw. The next thing I new we were both down in the den staring at the gun. I was acting brave, saying that the gun was tiny when really I had a huge lump the size of a golf ball in my throat. My palms were sweaty and my legs were like jelly. I grabbed the gun and slid the first cartridge into the barrel and snapped it shut.

By this time my heart was in my throat. I spun the barrel and said ” Round and round it goes, were it stops nobody knows” just to put on a front and not to show Dave how nervous I really was. There were 6 chambers and only one bullet so that made it five-to-one on odds. I lifted the gun and my hand was shaking. I put the gum to my head and slowly pulled the trigger. The firing pin clicked and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was Dave’s turn he stumbled to the table and stared at the gun for what seemed to be ages before he picked it up.

He was nervous I could tell by the way he was looking at the gun and then me. He spun it and lifted it up to his head. I closed my eyes waiting for the bang but the firing pin clicked again. I started talking to Dave trying to make me feel calm and more relaxed. I told him I was hoping to join the army. It was my turn again; I grabbed the . 38 and put it to my head. “Bang! ” I yelled. Dave jumped and I burst out laughing. My heart was racing it was beating so hard I thought that Dave could hear it to. It was a long silence moment until Dave broke it. ” You got a chick,”

“Yeah” ” What’s her name? ” “Juanna” “I think I know her, I suppose I may spin” we decided to lower the stakes by adding another cartridge. Now we got two cartridges and six chambers. Dave loaded the gun, I had a funny feeling as if this was last go but I was wrong. The gun clicked. We have a break the adrenalin was too much. ” Do you like your gang” Dave asked me. I paused I didn’t know what to say. I tried to break the conversation by taking the gun again and holding it to my head. This was it I knew it was I had a flashback kind of moment and then I pulled the trigger.

“Click! ” “None of them really send me,” I whispered still in shock. Dave had the gun to his head. “Wait he yelled as if something was wrong. “Nothing” he mumbled, ” I just wanted to say, I mean, some of the guys I don’t dig either. ” The sound of the click filled the rat-ridden room. I looked at the gun. I studied it wondering if this was the last time. It spun round and round, I wondered was it ever going to stop. It clicked again. It was time for another cartridge so this time it was six chambers and three cartridges. Dave watched as I lifted the gun.

I don’t know how it happened but we got talking about row boating I even invited him out row boating with Juanna and me at the weekend. The gun clicked again, I thought that maybe the torture game wasn’t that bad. “Your go man” I said sounding relaxed. “We could.. ” I hesitated ” make this the last spin, I mean we can’t keep this up all night, can we? ” I shrugged. “Suppose” Dave nodded his head and went on to pick up the gun. His eyes were fixed on mine and softly I whispered friends. My heart sank down to my shoes waiting for an answer. “Sure” he said as if he was shocked.

He twirled the cylinder and held it up to his head he smiled and then pulled the trigger. Dave fired. The explosion rocked the walls of the shack we called the basement. The smell of the smoke left a sour aftertaste in the back of my throat. Dave lay there as if he was in a deep sleep. I ran home and never looked back. I lay in my bed and cried myself to sleep that night and I relived every single moment in that basement. I’ll never forget that day. I lost a friend and all because of my gang well never again will I be brain washed by a stupid gang.


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