The knowledge management, is widely applicable, particularly in

The last decades have been defined by significant social, economic, political and cultural changes, while Trinidad & Tobago education sector has been transforming, and above all those important changes affect the conceptualisation and functioning of our nation schools. Modern economy, organizations and workers are focused on and are determined by knowledge. Knowledge is the key of resource and a basic asset in our every day life, as society is being transformed by new skills, techniques and paradigms of knowledge, so new generations need 21st century skills: critical thinking/ communications, collaboration and creativity. Our time has become known as the Knowledge Age, implying that we live in knowledge economy rather different from the Industrial Age and us shifting to 21st century thinking. This Management is a new trend of management for modern global organizations.

Knowledge management involves cultivating a learning culture and this concept of developing new forms of organizational structures and knowledge workers including some applications of the philosophy of knowledge management, is widely applicable, particularly in the field of education. Modern management and people-oriented emphasizing the importance of their roles in modern organizations. The function of human resources management is very important when providing organizational purpose in a highly competitive market, and the managing of high education organizations means understanding the complexity of the environment, investing in capable people, developing research capacity through concept of knowledge management and increasing the competitive advantage from stakeholder’s perspective.

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