“The is this? No one trusts anybody!

“The Kite Runner,” by Khaled Hosseini is about a boy named Amir, Hassan and Baba, Amir’s father, and their relationships and interactions with each other.

After a change in their environment, characters are treated differently than they normally would. Many immigrants move because they believe a better life awaits them in the new country. Some uproot their entire lives for the safety of themselves and their family. Usually, the immigration itself is a struggle that is worth the wait. Even though many hardships and judgements are soon to follow them on their journey, their lives are soon to be bettered. After immigrating someone might feel a major difference in the way they are treated. Just like Baba realized when he thought the store clerk was offending him by asking for his ID.

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“What kind of country is this? No one trusts anybody! (Hosseini 135) Even though that is a normal thing to do in America, in Afghanistan that would’ve been seen as a major disrespect. The American Dream is attainable for everyone who is willing to persevere and work through the difficulties that is soon to come. One of the most powerful examples of the American Dream is the thought that Amir and his father are able to move themselves to America and start a new life away from the struggles and difficulties of Afghanistan. While in America, Amir feels disconnected from everything he knows. Amir had no idea it would be so hard to fit into the new society he was forced to move into.

In Afghanistan, Amir had a very pampered lifestyle. In America, it was much different. For Baba, America wasn’t the best move.

“The fruit was never sweet enough…and where were all the trees and open fields?” (Hosseini 133) Baba’s reaction to the Bay Area’s environment and his notice of the difference in the fruit was very critical and proves that Baba’s standards are too high for America. Baba’s move to America negatively impacted with him because it was hard to cope with the new world he moved into. Baba’s wealth dispersed after moving to America and he had to work long hours.

Baba is now doing a servant’s job instead of ordering servants. Even though Baba’s longing feelings for his country never left him, his life in America didn’t make it easy to forget the good times. Though Baba was living in a foreign country, his mind would always remain in Afghanistan.


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