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The key factors that need to be considered when planning an assessment are what award regulations (both governmental and awarding body), and award body standards need to be taken into account.
The different types of assessment methods must also be considered, as some are different, depending on whether performance-based assessment of the skills, or knowledge-based assessment of understanding is required. Whatever type is selected must be fit-for-purpose, and consider the overall needs of the assessment criteria and context of the measures of achievement. Whatever type of assessment method is chosen for formative and summative assessment must also take into consideration any prior learning that has been identified.
Individual or group assessment is also a consideration, as well as what competencies and criteria are being assessed. The how and who of the assessment planning need to be considered, for the numbers involved, timescales, and availability of individuals.
When and where assessments are to be given consideration, as there may be staffing and resource constraints, as well as the practical limitations of where the assessment is to be carried out and when, and within what timescales. When, and how feedback will be given is also a consideration, as these are staffing and resource constrained as well.
When planning any assessment, any individual learner requirements need to be taken into account, with particular reference to any special additional support of the learner and learning identified. All assessment activities and the planning of these activities should follow the principles of being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound (SMART). Specific in the sense of activities should only relate to the ‘what’ is being assessed and clearly stated. Measurable in that the assessment is measured against specific criteria and objectives. Achievable in that the correct assessment has been set for the current skills of all parties. Relevant for consistency of results of assessment criteria and activities, and Time bound where target dates are set and agreed.


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