The around the T’boli tribe. The T’boli tribe

The story started its view at the mountains of south cotabato. The wholw story revolved around the T’boli tribe. The T’boli tribe is the tribe that K’na involved with. K’na is the antagonist of the movie and the movie is entitled the antagonists name which is K’na the dream weaver. K’na has a partner which is Silaw and the story revolved around with their love for each other. Despite the movie was old their clothes were the traditional ethnic clothes of the Philippines, they wore the clothes all throughout the movie.

The movie was a cliché because of its story line. The problem of the story was typical because of fixed marriage. The Datu which is the parents of K’na wants K’na which is the main character of the movie to be married with Kagis. The love of Sila and K’na is devastated because of the Datu because the Datu wants K’na to marry Kagis which mentioned earlier. Time has passed by and there were rumors that silaw had already took his own life because K’na successfully marry Kagis.  Eventually the movie had a bad ending because K’na was not able to marry her love one, and that what made the story quite unique.

However, the story was quite clichè but still the bad ending made it a unique one.  There were 3  kinds of abaka colors, the colors were white, red black. Those colors had meanings behind it such as the white means purity, red means passion and black means forgotten love. However for some people those colors may mean in other way like black means karma, white means peace and red means blood. I liked this movie because even though it had a bad ending and it was clichè there were still lessons that were shown like K’na still respected her parents decision to marry Kagis. The movie were trying to influence the people who watched it. They are influencing the audience by showing that respect for your parents should still be your top priority. For me i think the movie is trying to show that parents still know wats best for you. Despite that Silaw had taken his own life he was still able to show his love for K’na even though time has already passed by. He showed his love by hanging the red abaca on the trees.

If i were the author of the movie, i would change the main story line of it. I wont let K’na to be the who should be married to someone, i will let Silaw be the one be fixed married to a girl so that it wont be that clichè. I didnt like their clothes because it was too ethnic despite the movie was set at the past, they could have change their clothes into a better one, for example they color way was nice but the design were weird. If i were to be the one to handle their clothes i would make it like a a bit modernize


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