The the quality of education in the Philippines

The K-12 system of education is popularly used in United States, Australia and Canada and it was recently initiated by the Aquino Administration to be adopted in the Philippines. The K-12 program aims to uplift the quality of education in the Philippines in order for graduates to ve easily employed. This program also aims to meet the standards required for professional who would want to work abroad.We all know that life is hard, for our parents, public and even private schools is costly for them.

But the K-12 would help the students to acquire mastery of basic competencies and be more emotionally mature. I believe that the k-12 system will help the Filipino students to attain a better level of learning, a better career to earn a living and a brighter Philippines. Therefore, I encourage parents to atleast let your children finish the K-12 program and about the cost of your child the government has a provided a budget for it and all you have to do is support your children and encourage them to finish their studies. This is not just for the parents but also I encourage all the students in elementary and senior high school to finish your studies and make our parents proud.

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For atleast, we can repay their hardworks and efforts with our achievements in school.


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