The clothes and moves. The commercial is influential

The Joy of PepsiBritney Spears. Everyone knows who she is. So, of course, Pepsi chose her to be their ticket to obtain more Pepsi drinkers. After all, it is the soft drink of the new generation, right?I choose this commercial because it is obviously overt in the sexual tones for men and influential for the new generation (young girls and boys). This commercial is influential in almost any generation. This commercial is enjoyable for young men and older men, because Britney is dressed to impress and entertain them with her body, clothes and moves. The commercial is influential to teen and young girls, because they think if they drink Pepsi they can be like Britney Spears, and for many of them, if their idol (Britney) drinks Pepsi, then they should too.

This commercial tells a tale for the older women too, because all the young men running around Britney in the footage instills the idea that if you act, dress and drink Pepsi like her, then men will be adoringly near.The type of music and lighting used is easily explainable. The light and fun music is used to entertain and lighten the mood, making Pepsi seem fun and enjoyable. It has too be considered as ethical because nothing is offensive, or socially unacceptable, as we all learned in high school (if nowhere else), that we all have an emotional need to be accepted.

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The plan used to make this commercial was well planned and thought out. A commercial that makes everyone feel happy and want to go out and buy Pepsi, because it is the choice of a new generation, making the young feel important and the old feel young again.


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