The Lamentation of Christ by Giotto is a painting that displays mourners surrounding the dead body of Christ. Their is sadness throughout the whole painting from the mourners on the ground to the angels who are in the sky. The background displays colors of darkness, also which implies a sad or gloomy mood. The entire painting represents a totality of sadness and mourning, which was felt throughout on the day Christ was crucified.The lines in this painting are sharp. The figures in the photo are easily to differentiate from one another and from the background. Lines are curved and flow in a smooth manner and rhythm. This painting is polychromatic, with many colors being involved. There are hues and primary colors noted. The background appears to be a mixture of color. with low intensity which provokes the mood of sadness. The texture of the painting appears to be smooth. The form of the painting draws the attention to the body of Jesus, who is at the center of attention in the painting, otherwise known as the focal point, organized into a closed form. The space in the painting appears to be very open, as they are not indoors. I would believe that it appears the painting has an aerial perspective, which means there is little effect of atmospheric conditions on the color and detail of distant objects within the painting. I find the painting inspiring in the fact that there are so many people showing such sadness, including the angels, this just goes to show how important Jesus is and was and how loved He was by those around Him. This is obviously a very meaningful painting, because the death of Jesus is the biggest significant even in the history of Christianity. The death of Jesus is important to all of humanity because he died for our sins. Without the crucifixion of Jesus, the certainty of eternity would not be as it is today, this also describes the lasting value of the painting.Reply to Thread


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