The Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation and

The method that I chose is the waterfall development because of the level of experience that I have.The waterfall method offers greater control of the action, although it is not impervious to change, it dedicates efforts to anticipate the problems whereas the agile method has a wider margin to modify, expand or reduce the expectations that make it more adaptable to change.The waterfall development is a traditional model that is a linear and sequential process, in a very definite way there is a starting point that take us to a final point in different stages: Conception, Start, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.

This method is more oriented to planning, so it is less flexible but at the same time safer than agile methods. Potential setbacks can be foreseen and fixed with some normality through the development plan and the project can take shape more quickly if the deadlines and costs are estimated accurately, which is often liked by customers.  The agile development was designed to give more autonomy to the members of the work team against the limitations presented by traditional methods in this regard. In an agile project, the team is empowered to make decisions, while in traditional projects greater control is exercised from top to bottom. In the case of software development projects, the most used model is the Scrum method.

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In it, the design process is divided into individual models in which designers work. There is no concrete action plan but developers are free to change the requirements when they consider it appropriate and apply the necessary modifications while the project progresses. In the agile project management models, the teams are multifunctional and work simultaneously during fixed periods of time. The business value is a priority, the requirements can be changed to realistically obtain the best possible final product without altering the delivery time or the production cost. This forces to maintain a constant flow of communication between the team, the company and the clients.

This method is especially indicated in projects whose final objectives are not clearly defined or that simply foresee an open end.


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