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The sought after thought of climbing the social and monetaryladders of the American system. There are many different depictions of the American dream andhow to achieve it, because not everyone’s dreams are the same. Some dream of becomingfamous celebrities with the public staring in awe of their riches and benefits, while others dreamof raising a family in the rural countryside tending to their crops and cattle. Many, however,don’t see anything true or valuable coming out of the frivolous chasing of The American Dream.F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of those people, and he shows his beliefs throughout his novel, TheGreat Gatsby.

As we are drawn into the story of the flashy cars, giant mansions, and all of themoney in the world, Fitzgerald shows us just how shallow the chasing of The American Dreamreally can be.In the beginning of the novel, we see just how shallow you can be even when you have itall. When we are first introduced to Jay Gatsby, he is shown as the kind of man everyone wantsto be. He has money, he has people coming and going from his parties at his mansions, and whatseems to be an endless supply of money. However, when looking closer, it’s shown how emptyGatsby still is.

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The first time he is seen in the novel is standing on the end of his dock, reachingout towards the green light:Poellinger 2″…he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and far as I was fromhim I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward–and distinguishednothing except a single green light, minute and far away…”(1.152)This passage is showing that even though Gatsby seemingly had it all, there was stillmore that he wanted, that which he couldn’t have: Daisy.

In most people’s eyes Gatsby wouldseem to have it all, but to Gatsby he is far from that goal. This is what Fitzgerald is trying toprove by the fact that the American Dream is frivolous and pointless. People are always going tobe spreading their arms outward, reaching for what they don’t yet have or are not able to obtain.

However, Fitzgerald doesn’t make it easy for us to realize this.The fact that Gatsby is still searching for his American dream is partially overshadowedby the other achievements that He had already achieved. Fitzgerald presents Gatsby as theperfect example of what the American Dream is to those who believe in the notion. Gatsby grewup on the plains in the Dust Bowl,born to the name Jimmy Gatz, where he and his familystruggled to survive day in and day out.

Gatsby is given the opportunity to run away and start anew life, so he takes that chance and is rewarded by meeting Dan Cody. Cody is the mentor inGatsby’s life who shows him the ropes of being high class and how to make it in the world. Aseries of miniscule decisions and seemingly accidental events that lead Gatsby in his rise toriches and fame. Fitzgerald shows us just how good the American Dream can be; the wealth youcan acquire, the people you can meet, and the places you can go.

Yet as the story goes on, we seejust how shallow Gatsby is until he achieves his goal of winning back Daisy from Tom. EvenPoellinger 3when Gatsby finally wins Daisy over, we see that even the greatest things we can hope toachieve are fleeting, and those that you can hope to love the most in this world can let you down.After what seemed like an eternity for Gatsby, he seemingly achieved his goal: he gotDaisy.”He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to herperishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God…Then he kissed her.At his lips’ touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete.

” (6.134)Gatsby had finally won back the girl of his dreams and had completed his AmericanDream. All was well and happy, except for one thing: Daisy was still married to Tom.

Gatsbythought that he could convince her to leave Tom and live with him for the rest of his days, he hadit all planned out and was ready to start a new with Daisy, but things don’t always go as weplanned. Daisy wouldn’t leave Tom, even after Gatsby and Daisy confronted Tom the day thatthe two of them had planned to start their new life together. In the heat of the arguing andyelling, Daisy rushes out and leaves in Gatsby’s car with Gatsby. In her emotional condition, shecan’t drive straight, and ends up hitting Myrtle, which ultimately leads to gatsby being shot byher husband George.Fitzgerald is showing that in the end of the novel the thing that gatsby wants most in thisworld is what ultimately gets him killed.

Daisy know’s it’s her fault too, that’s why she doesn’tattend Gatsby’s funeral. She instead chooses to turn and run away with Tom, instead of facingher sins. In fact, there is almost no one at Gatsby’s funeral.

Once Gatsby can no longer offer isPoellinger 4dazzling parties or throw money at his friends to make them enjoy his presence, they act as ifthey never associated with him, further proving how hallow and pointless the American Dreamreally is.In conclusion, it is quite evident throughout the entire novel The Great Gatsby that F.Scott Fitzgerald does not believe in nor agree with the practices of chasing after The AmericanDream. In Fitzgerald’s eye’s, the Dream is a never ending demand for something better than thatwhich you already have, and as humans that hunger will never be appeased. Gatsby tried to useother things to distract him from his true dream, but none of it worked, and his true dreamultimately lead to his death.

In Fitzgerald’s eyes, its is better to appreciate what you alreadyhave, rather than hunger for more, and never be satisfied.


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