The issues. Such as shorter lifespans, mental disorders,

The circus is known as a joyous festivity. With acrobats, stilt walkers, and trapeze can all be found under the big top. All the iconic animals like elephants, big cats, and monkeys can be found there as well. Have you ever wondered how these animals are treated? What methods have they used to make animals like tigers jump through a ring of fire? Today in this essay we will be addressing these topics.

We will be talking about methods used for training, the effect it has on the animals, and what has been done to attempt to solve the issue. Circuses should be animal free. After, reading you will understand why.    First, we will talk about the methods used during training. While some may believe they are trained the same as everyday pets like dogs or cats. They could not be farther from the truth. Stated from an article from One Green Planet by Abigail Geer as of 2014 “Circus animals are often starved or dehydrated to become more submissive.

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” Circuses resort to other jurassic measures besides starving. From the same article, we learn that circuses use bullhooks, whips, muzzles, electric prods, and tight collars to train the animals. Kosair Shrine Circus has even said, “Asking an 8,000-pound circus elephant to stand on its hind legs isn’t the easiest thing to do.” So if it’s difficult to do, certain measures would be done so it performs correctly. These animals go through a lifetime of misery for your entertainment.

Many circus animals are sent to canned hunt organizations after they are too old to perform. Canned hunts are an area of land, that is fenced in where people can hunt. Canned hunts are also legal. Since they are located on private property it is very difficult to stop it. According to an article for Youth For Wildlife by Christina Bush  ” Animals in a canned hunt are often not afraid of people. This is because they were raised by humans from birth. So when they go to get food from one of owners trucks.

It is occasionally a hunter with a weapon, not an owner with food.” These animals have been abused all their life, let’s take a look at the after effects.Second, we will talk about the after-effects of these cruel methods.

Animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants typically roam for miles in the wild. The unlucky animals stuck in cages at the big top can never do that. The lack of exercise causes joint problems later in the animals life. Not only that, but the daily confinement of the animals causes even more issues. Such as shorter lifespans, mental disorders, depression, and anxiety. Which to some this seems crazy and far-fetched. Some scientific studies are showing that some of the more complex issues like schizophrenia, may not be exclusive to just people.

The cages we talked about before, makes the animal feel cramped. This leads to them pacing back and forth. While this just seems like them attempting to get exercise, it’s so much more.

This pacing is related to stress. So big cats like tigers stuck in the big top are in quite a bit of trouble. Stress on a big cat can lead to breeding difficulties. In case you didn’t know lions and tigers along with many other big cats, are placed on an endangered species list. So big cats in captivity in places like the circus or even the zoo will have breeding difficulties. Which causes you to look at the situation differently. If these big cats are having trouble in captivity, where they are relatively safe from being killed. In places like the wild where it may be illegal to hunt these animals, some still do.

So it will be difficult for these animals to bounce back. Who knows by the time my grandchildren are older. They may not be able to witness these beautiful animals. That’s just a sad thought.

Finally, we are gonna go over what people have tried to do to resolve the issue. While people have tried to help. There isn’t a real solution being used. The United States Welfare Act has been implied. With only about 100 officials they have to watch about 12,000 circuses. So some circuses get “lucky” and keep using the same methods.

The A.W.A. or Animal Welfare Act says “That instead of dealing with certain animal species, they focus the law on activities that could lead to abuse.”.

While this does help it says COULD it isn’t a definite solution. The only solution I see is banning exotic animals from the circus. While common animals like horses merely run around the ring. Animals like elephants are forced to stand on hind legs or small platforms.

In conclusion, exotic animals should be banned from circuses. For reasons such as cruel training methods used, after effects of that training, and what has been done to combat the issue. What do you think? Should circuses keep their animals, or should animals be removed?


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