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1. So, the impact of social media on changes to society during the recent Egyptian uprising is really great. Egyptians use all forms of social media to share the events, which take place in the country. Moreover, people got an opportunity to express their own points of view; so, one may affirm that social media is considered to be one of the ways to impact on government or political leaders. Of course, it is not social media, which caused the revolution; however, numerous viral videos influenced Egyptians’ action and protest. One of the most important points, which is to be taken into account, is that social media helps to speed up the revolution. Moreover, many protest groups appeared due to social media.

2. The second question is related to the impact of social media on various communities. Thus, social media caused Egyptians’ grievances. People couldn’t be patient anymore; so, they took to the streets in numerous cities to show that political matters are to be changed. The Day of Revolt became one of the most important historical events in the country. On the other hand, Egyptians used social media to let the planet know what the reasons of revolution were. They say the activists wanted to spread hope all over the world, in order other countries could fight injustice. Social media helped Egyptians to convince other countries of the protest importance.

3. The most important strategies, which were used to start Egyptian uprising were based on the impact of the Internet. Thus, one of the activists in Cairo said that Facebook could be used to schedule Egyptians’ grievances, Twitter could be used to coordinate Egyptians’ actions and YouTube could be used to inform the world about the events in Egypt. Some people suppose that the impact of social media is not as great as people think. On the contrary, some Egyptians say that there is no interdependence between social media and revolution. However, the only point, which is to be taken into consideration, is that revolution was not caused by social media, but social media speeded the process of revolution. The free speech, which was prohibited by government, appeared due to social media.

4. Of course, social media is taking over from traditional media, such as television and print. The reasons were really serious, as government disabled social media sites, which people could use to communicate all over the world. In spite of the fact that the use of social media was prohibited, one of the activists of revolution Habib Haddad found the way to tell the world about the events in Egypt. He used translators. Thus, people continued their communication. So, Egyptians found the way to defeat the government.

5. One of the most popular mass media strategies, which is used to communicate to the masses, is considered to be publicity media.

As far as one of the most important advantages of social media is immediacy, mass media means tend to use the same sources of information. Thus, there are many reporters, who come to the place where some special events occur, in order to intercept information. However, it seems that the means of social media are difficult to surpass.

In other words, the Internet opened numerous new possibilities. It plays an important role in all aspects of human life.


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