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The role of ITIL software and project qualityAbstractThe analysis will pose a good go ahead in the industry and it will eliminate the possibility of too much theorization. The main aim of the paper is to avoid the problem of too much theory about the fore mentioned ITIL. The data that will be used will be usable will be mainly from the survey of the companies which are in the Nordic region. (Cartel, 2015)The research focuses on the investigation of the implementation of the information status of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).This research poses an advantage of investigating the implementation of the ITIL functions and processes and the impact it has on the implementation in the real life situations.Main Aims· Investigate how to implement the ITIL software status in the departments of information technology.· Evaluate how different companies and firms find the usefulness and applicability of the software tools· Investigate the positivity of the relationship between the quality of software and the quality of the project and the implementation level that is achieved.· Investigate the level of maturity cases in various processes to be analyzed.· Find out the extent to which the software tools of ITIL are applied in the industry.The implementation will significantly have it on the benefit side of the use of the software as to our expectation only and only if the projected is handled with a lot of care and dealt well by the people or researchers involved.The research questions involve the basis of two hypotheses namely;· As the quality of software increase, so does the quality of the project and so does the implementation part of it.· An increase in the quality of the project is directly proportional to the level of implementation.Introduction (Theory)The ongoing thorough research on the information technology infrastructure library is on an increasing at an increasing rate. Therearerampantreorganizations on how this company will further the increasing growth of the delivery of quality services to their customers. The main way of how they are manifesting their works is by use of the referencing model of processing; this is because it has been realized with a lot of concern that there has been very little research pertaining to the implementation of the processes of ITIL in many IT departmental settings. The only notable figures who have contributed greatly to this industry are Aileen steel who with her colleagues has conducted an annual survey in Australia giving very distinct exceptions in this industry. (J.Iden, 2016)The software tools are based on the module programs most commonly each ITIL process is assigned one module for efficiency and keeping track. The software is divided into three types namely· Gold· Silver· BronzeThe above categorized types of software tools are divided on the basis of the height of the level of their compliances to the ITIL functions and needs. The main achievement was that42 softwares were licensed to operate and work to promote the services in the information technology world. Based on the open software many companies are on a rise to develop their own software and this is a positive step worthy acknowledgingIntroduction of the implementation of ITIL involves more than just words to make it a success, so many tools are involved besides the model itself, which include the software tool for ITIL and management of the whole project as a whole. The main purpose of the software tool is to keep track of the cases which are handled by different types of processes. They are also used for logging of the processes and this is what helps in the tracking.They include major databases for storage of data about important elements like the company assets, capacities and the items used for configurations. (Eikebrokk, 2016)Methodology In Data CollectionThe data involved in this study were acquired from a survey of the members of the Nordic companies. This research is highly promoted by the fact there is a lot of factors working toward to its benefit. The factors that are involved include;1. There is slight research in academics, which is progressing about the reference models where our ITIL is parted and the Implementation in the firms is not effective.2. There is scarcely no empirical research as it pertains to the software tools in ITLL and their effects.3. Most research which is empirical are only limited to the regions specifically the USA and Australia so this is a very good reason as to why research should be done in the Nordic countries that is they involve countries like Finland,Sweden,Denmark and Norway.The research involves analysis of data from a biannual survey, which was widely considered anonymous of the people with information and technology management in the Nordic regions. The main reason for the survey was to target the firms involved in the usage of the ITIL in the organizations. One member of the National IT service management fund was allowed to participate. In 2016, 900 invitations were done and only 175 responses were getting in return. 57% of the firms belonged to the private sector, while the remaining were owned by the public sector. Slightly above 5% of the survey shows that large companies constitute about 2300 members of which 25% of the respondents happen to work in firms with around 400 IT members who are professionals.DiscussionQuality Of Software And Project QualityLow project quality normally reduces the level of the implementation process of the ITIL services not taking into considerations of the quality of the software. Research shows that it is important that firms using the processes to implement the corresponding ITIL software tool to promote the effective delivery of services. It is not promising since only six of the possible 160 responding firms have started the implementation of the ITIL software tool. Nordic countries in totality have only achieved a score of 3.2 which is just slightly above average, but they are indefence because of the prosperity of the processes must be connected with very mature tools, for their case their tools are still immature.Research shows that the firms totally agree with the project quality and they had a positive view over the same. The ability of the project to stay in the conformations of the budget and stay within the satisfaction need of the staff was the lowest in the score.The degree of how low or high the score can be depends on the ability of the project to stay within the time limits and inadequacy of time becomes such a problematic issue.Effects Of Itil Software On Itil ImplimentationA research model was developed to study the influence of quality of project and software on ITIL process.Antecedents in regard to the implementation involve, resource organization, commitment in an organization and they are normally treated as control variables.The variables influence the ITIL implementation and the quality of the project. The quality of the project increase with the management of senior staff.Increase of the resource organization decreases the level of ITIL implementation, only the time and experience contributed positively in the development of the variance construct. The more the time taken in the project and software leads to lowering of the efficiency of the implementation process.There was no notable relationship significance between ITIL experience and the quality of the project.Implimentation Of Itil ProjectThe book titled continual execution of service also provides for the activities involved in the improvement of the services and the specific processes on the basis ongoing For proper measurement of the effectiveness of ITIL in their firms respondents were requested in theprovision of the status pertaining to the implementation of the processes using a perfect scale comprising of; not stated, completed, advanced, halfway and early.The organization of the processes involved in the implementation process is;· ITIL Service design· ITIL Service operation· ITIL Service transition· ITIL Service strategyITIL Service designThis constitutes IT services and process development with capacity of business, availability of resources and security. There is also management of catalogue of services and relationship with suppliers with the firm.Service catalogue comprised of a business view that is visible to all the customers and a technical view only seen by IT officials.Availability management normally ensures that the tools and infrastructure is maintained well and is according to the set standards.The continuity management favours and promotes the continuation of services of the business.Processes of design Pre-test Post-testSupplier management 2.5 2.9Capacity management 2.2 2.5Catalogue management 2.4 3.8Level management 2.6 2.9Availability management 2.2 2.7Continuity management 3.5 3.6Security management 2.6 3.1ITIL Service operationThe main objective of the operation is to ensure that the services are efficiently and effectively delivered.This process deals with the main way operations are carried out at the departmental level of IT. It also works on the contentment on the user requests and recovering the discovered errors in dissemination of IT services and infrastructure. (Hunnebeck, 2011)Event management ensures the services are closely monitored and it also works to filter events in the order required for proper decision making.Incident management manages the life of the incidents carried out and to also return the stated services to various users.Request success normally fulfils the customer requests which many a times are minor observations.Access management executes the policies which are stated by the executive. It also gives the user’s authority to use services in the industry.PROCESS Pre-test Post -testService desk 1.8 1.85Incident management 1.4 1.46Problem management 2.3 2.45Change management 2.6 2.72ITIL Service transitionThe process establishes of processes that are linked from the sector to the delivery of services and manufacture. From the analysis part of it was noted that the release and change management were the most mature compared to others.Service validation involves provision of services that include, but not limited to remedies the errors that might have been done in the life cycle.Change evaluation is meant to assess the major changes that have been made, especially when a new service has been introduced.Deployment management tests the services and builds them in a specified design that will satisfy the customers.They are summarized in the table below.Transition process Pre-test Post-testPlanning and support 3.0 3.5Testing and validation 2.7 2.9Evaluation 1.9 2.8Configuration management 2.7 3.1Change management 3.5 3.7Knowledge management 2.6 2.8Deployment and support 2.5 2.9ITIL Service strategy processFor the reduction of the size of the survey three mature processes were involved in the planned research. (David, 2011)The table below captures the proceedings.The services provided help in the understanding of the advantages of the organization using the approach of market driven strategy.Service strategy Pre-test Post-testSupplier management 2.6 3.1Management strategy 2.6 2.6Research management 2.2 2.7Conclusions1. The release of ITIL in 2000-2004 triggered the development of IT departments and this spearheaded the booming of the urge to in the management of IT industry. In 2007 further developments were done and this contributed to much more integrated reference frameworks on top of the discovered new processes.2. Since 2015 many of the firms have put up front the operation processes of the delivery of services. This is the most mature status to have been achieved.The firms in Nordic regions have a long way to go to come up with the completed status of the implementation of ITIL.3. High levels of software quality and the project concisely and clearly leads to the benefit in the implementation process.4. The control variable inclusion in an ITIL implementation shows that very important sources influence positively to the process of implementation and the quality and they reside in the organization.5. The relationship between the organizational resources was found to give a negative output in relation to the implementation of the ITIL processes.6. The experience had no significant relationship with the ITIL project quality.RecommendationsThe ITIL should improve on the offering of services so as to improve the customer relationship. High levels of software quality and the project concisely and clearly leads to the benefit in the implementation process so the main aim should be perfection of the project quality and the software quality


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