The the justifications that arose to justify

The Increased attention towards issues related to business ethics, and the extent to which companies obey with the ethics and concepts associated with their business are questionable.

For example, lack of attention to social responsibility, and wrong sustainable development are the result of a series of wrongful and immoral practices practiced by international companies in their local markets and in international markets. In this regard, the BBC channel reported the prosecution of the British judiciary to some international companies such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks for evading payment of taxes, and the companies tried to defend themselves, but the evidence was stronger than the justifications that arose to justify their immoral and wrong behavior. As for tax evasion, these companies follow some professional methods. Representatives of companies such as Microsoft testified that they used strategies to avoid taxes by opening branches abroad such as Singapore and Ireland, thus saving them huge amounts of money from federal taxes.  Such actions come at a time when these companies are earning huge profits and are benefiting from the incentives offered by their official companies in the countries where they work, in addition to dealing with millions of consumers with the goods and services provided by these companies in all markets in the world. Starbucks, for example, has annual revenue of 22.

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38B a year. Those companies do not have any positive influence on the communities where they operate other than gaining profits. Recently, Google reported net profit of 16 billion per year. Google makes profits through telecom sites, YouTube and the advertising market, Therefore, more than 54 Percent of its revenue comes from outside America, and has made no achievements in the field of community work except limited business. In light of these facts it can be said that it is truly unfortunate that such companies operate immorally, while living in a growing investment environment, making big profits and providing little and few to community services; therefore, these companies and other businesses must offer rapid reviews of business ethics, which calls for attention to values and transparency, respect for the consumer, and the fulfillment of duties and responsibility towards society, otherwise they lose their competitiveness and global reputation, which are the main factor for their  success in world markets.


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