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The success of Whole Foods separates itself from othercompetitors by offering quality foods that are natural organic. They onlywanted high standard for their consumers so they concentrated on keeping thehighest quality premium nature foods. The approach gave Whole Foodsaccomplishment and they were able to 420 more Whole Foods stores, more than90,000 employees. Whole Foods are able to maintain the highest qualitystandards in the grocery business and also remain devoted to sustainable agriculture.  Whole Foods also offers a wide variety ofluxury food items, prepared foods, and caused a ripple effect for the store oncost. Other strategic initiatives Whole Foods could have more suppliers forfood, with having inadequate suppliers it hurts the business. Whole Foods couldhave more foods and a different variety if the cost of the foods could potentiallydropped.

They could sell other foods to bring more foot traffic into the stores.The customers are looking for foods that are high standards or quality, inorder to keep the customer satisfied having more possibilities is the bestopportunity for this and therefore, the prices could be considered lowered. Whole Foods is one of the stores that has excellent customerservice and has taken pride in the store quality for its customers. Having beena leader in the natural food industry and having the store brand that has areputation, this keeps the customer growth rate strong.

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Their loyal customerswill continue to maintain, if Whole Foods can continue to meet the needs of theconsumers. Customers became more “budget conscious in the wake of the recession,therefore causing the Whole Foods revenue to decline. They were in need of somemajor changes, Amazon helped with the downfall. Whole Foods needed a jump startto get back on track for the customers and Amazon just the name could certainlyhelp. Being able to have your food delivered to your home is something thatmore and more customers are wanting. I believe we are so busy and others justnot wanting to shop so this would be a plus. You can view everything on-lineand it’s at your door in just a few days, if not sooner.

The prices being lowershould help more customers able to purchase. The sales and strategy of Amazonare very exceptional; the increase sales growth will put Whole Foods back ontrack for Amazon.


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