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The idea to care for others is appealing to me, however, what fascinates me is the applications of using machines for finding remedies to treat the human body rather than by drugs or surgery. Studying physiotherapy can make invaluable changes to a person’s quality of life in which both the society and me will reap the benefits. Having the interest and aptitude for sports and science as well as my affection to help people, it encourages me to choose this highly rewarding and enjoyable course.Physiotherapy is suitable for me as it is composed a combination of science and sports.

 It gives me the opportunity to observe, understand and explore the human anatomy. I am currently studying biology and chemistry, due to my keen interest in the body and sports. Many of the treatment and prevention of common sports injuries were taught as part of my DSE level biology course. Additionally, chemistry showed me the importance of the naturally occurring chemicals and their effect on the human body. My subject choices reflect my dedication to the course and my general love for physiotherapy.

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Biology and Chemistry provide an analytic aspect of learning, while Mathematics helps the logical problem- solving skills and accuracy that are massively required in any healthcare profession.While being an athlete, I have experienced the drastic change in my leg injury from the past. The satisfaction from recovering was indescribable. To improve my mobility and comfort during my sports injuries, I was given massages by the physiotherapist and my family members.

Over several months along with the uses of therapeutic exercise and massage, there was an astonishing improvement in my leg’s muscle strength. Furthermore, my families’ support was a huge part of my recovery, which helped to develop my aptitude to care for others. My ambition to become a physiotherapist was confirmed, once I was recovered and was able to exercise without feeling any pain. Moreover, since a young age, Sport has always been an educational influence and a significant part of my life especially with running and swimming being my favourites. The fast pace and swift movements associated with each sport are what makes it enjoyable.  On the other hand; the large physical demands, quick thinking, and concentration required while playing sport challenges me to become adaptable. I am enthusiastic to develop my scientific knowledge.Beyond the academic field, I have competed in a variety of activities, which have promoted my communication and team-working skills.

 In particular, I have participated in a vast amount of swimming and running competitions. Similarly, I was a member representing my district swimming team. These experiences have immensely improved my leadership skills, my ability to work as part of a team effectively as well as providing me with a deep sense of satisfaction when helping others to achieve their goals.

 In addition, during my education I have commanded various positions of responsibility. At school, I was entrusted with being a Prefect and swimming team captain. Therefore, time management and organisation has always been crucial for me in order to incorporate my studies and sporting commitments.The events of my life, achievement, and academic interest have led me to the right path to choosing a suited career: physiotherapy. I definitely consider myself to be a well-rounded and highly motivated individual driven by the aspiration to help improve people’s lives by contributing to the healthcare system. I hope I have demonstrated to you how much I am interested in studying physiotherapy.

 If I gain a place on your course, consequently, one day I will be a successful physiotherapist and “Heal the world, make it a better place” as sung by Michael Jackson.


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