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The poor have always been victims of injustice in my country. It is devastating to see how corruption has made its way into such a noble profession as law in my society. I wish to join this profession and acquire all the skills necessary which I might one day be able to use and make a difference in my country and do my part in making Pakistan a lawful country. I am opting for Law as a graduate degree because it fascinates me. I want to serve the poor and declined citizens of my country who cannot afford the expenses of a lawyer and wish to help them fight crime. Ultimately I want to become a judge.

Pakistani judges often lack substantial technological prowess and cannot handle cybercrime cases sufficiently. I have sound knowledge of Computer Science so I want to change this trend and excel in this field. I am keen to pursue this degree because I have always been interested in law as a profession. The main reason is that I am interested in the mechanism of detection and choosing this degree would help polish my skills regarding this.

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I also think that with a clear sense of what justice really denotes, I want to improve and rectify the fluctuations in the system and make a difference to some extent. I am interested in this subject because it demands a challenge and I love to take challenging tasks. Another reason is to develop a profound understanding and indebtedness of the essential position of law in an enlightened society. By studying law, I am also going to be aware and conscious of the duties of citizens, their responsibilities, and rights. I want to fight crime by studying this subject too. I have researched this subject online and then came to the conclusion that this subject is the place where my heart belongs.

 I do read detective novels and watch TV series regarding criminal justice. I have been recently watching a drama “SUITS” and I was so fascinated by the group of intelligent lawyers. I have also watched a series of “Law and order”. I have attended a number of seminars on Law studies in my school. I have debated on “law and order in Pakistan” at the school level and won a prize. As part of my curriculum, I have read the main articles of The Constitution of Pakistan 1956, 1962 and 1973 and have also learned a few articles.Moreover, I believe I will have several career options after pursuing this course such as business, HR, legal or social welfare.  I have many skills which strongly help with this degree including critical thinking, problem-solving, evaluating a difficult and stressful situation and observing for appropriate options before taking an action.

Considering my abilities, I am suitable for this course. I have a large number of relevant skills:I am good at communication. I am aware of the art of creating prose. I have some know-how of poetry and literature too. I have an eminent command on written skills.

I am an active listener and I remember every minute detail I gain from any source. I am confident and I think I can persuade anyone with my clear and precise language. I am good at analysing a situation. I can speak and convey my thoughts publicly. I know the art of building friendly terms and relationships with anyone I desire to. I can think critically towards any situation. I can manage my time accurately so as to complete the tasks before deadlines. I can solve a problem by looking into several different options to rectify the glitches.

I can research thoroughly and ask questions verbally. I have fair justification and judgmental skills. I can accurately explain and interpret information that I gain. I have a very strong interest in reading and analysing.

Also, I am a very good cook. Preferably I am going to choose between lawyer, detective or even a politician. I would use my knowledge and degree not only for myself but for the welfare and betterment of humanity at large.


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