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The great Nation of Spain attracts people from all over the world with its historical museums and art galleries, its renowned capitol and national symbols, and their rich festivals and celebrations. Museums and art galleries        Museums and Art Galleries in spain are not just for show. These Museums and Art Galleries have lots of history and stories behind them. One of the museums is The Prado (Madrid) one of spain national museums.

This museum has a collection of old Europeans paintings by Flemish artists they were made by all major spanish old masters. Another museums is the Museo Reina Sofía, Queen Sofia Museum (Madrid). This museum is another example of fantastic museum in spain. This museum is a spanish museum with 20th century art, and One of the painting artist is the great Picasso and Dali collections.

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Also this museum was made to symbolize the spanish civil war. Capital and national symbols         Madrid the Capital of Spain it is the third largest city in Spain behind London and Berlin. La Puerta de Sol, the most famous central square of Spain, because it shows one of Madrid famous statue El Oso y El Madrono (The Bear and The Strawberry Tree). This statue symbolizes the official city of madrid. The reason this statue symbolizes the city because it used to be full of bears and strawberry trees. In the 13th century there was dispute over hunting on land owned by a church, but over ruleling that rule all the bears were hunted because of that in (1967) the (church emblem) the 20 ton bear bear statue was built.

      Festivals and celebrations         “The Holy week” (Semana Santa) is one of many  festivals in spain. The Holy Week occurs during easter for a whole week with all type of religious celebrations. In this celebration people walk the streets withs candles music parades and carrying statue to u represent the church and religion they come from. Another festival is (Carnival) this festival is a big holiday where the day is filled with fun, decorations, costumes, lots of contest, parades and fun.

There lots more festivals and celebrations and amazing history behind them.           In Conclusion, The great Nation of Spain has historical museums and art galleries, its renowned capital and national symbols,and their rich festivals and celebration. That bring people from all around the world to see what history and story they find in all the activity they go to and experience


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