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The importance of nutrition in child development is as crucial as the child’s environment. A certain product that is always being promoted is breastmilk. I have often heard that some mother’s go as far as selling breastmilk to mother’s who cannot produce on their own. The importance of this product is to promote healthy growth for children. There have also been other products such as organics to advertise that a child will be “smarter” if he or she consumes organics.

A child’s diet is as important as any other part of the child’s life. According to many advertisements and media a child’s diet can affect their physical and cognitive development. There has been research conducted to prove that breastfeeding a child from the start of their life can be beneficial and have long-term effects. A child’s nutrients are proven to be important in a child’s life to enhance their development. In reading the article, the role of nutrition in children’s neurocognitive development, from pregnancy through childhood, the research confirms nutrition plays an important role in child development (Nyaradi, 2013). The article indicates that studies have been conducted in association between nutrition and cognitive development (Nyaradi, 2013). The evidence in the research conducted is that malnutrition can impair cognitive development and breastfeeding appear to be beneficial for cognition (Nyaradi, 2013). The article indicates that eating breakfast is also beneficial for cognition (Nyaradi, 2013).

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A child’s nutrition is important throughout their development. In reading the article, Neurodevelopmental benefits of breastfeeding, it indicates that American Academy of Pediatrics promotes breastfeeding as the optimal source of nutrition (Bar, 2016). The article also indicates that infants who are breastfed have a less chance of getting any diseases or medical issues (Bar, 2016). Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the child’s growth but also for the child’s health (Bar, 2016). The article indicates that breastfeeding is beneficial for a child as it helps the child meet early developmental milestones such as speech and language, gross motor and fine motor skills (Bar, 2016). The article indicates that research was conducted in 1999 by Anderson, in which it was found that children that were breastfed scored higher in cognitive development than children that were formula fed (Bar, 2016). The article indicates that breastfeeding has had a positive outcome in child developmental milestones (Bar, 2016). A child’s development not only consists of cognitive but also health.

If a child isn’t consuming the proper nutrients he or she can become prone to diseases or health conditions (Kummeling, 2008). In the article, Consumption of organic foods and risk of atopic diseases during the first 2 years of life, it indicates that children who did not consume organic foods were prone to developing eczema and wheezing (Kummeling, 2008). The research was conducted between children who were consuming regular food and organic food (Kummeling, 2008). The outcome of the research was that children who consumed organic foods, and breast milk did in fact get eczema and wheezing (Kummeling, 2008). The outcome of the research was that organic food consumption and did relate to eczema as indicated in the study (Kummeling, 2008).

Nutrition is important for a child from birth as it is helpful when organs to include the brain are developing (Black, 2014). A child’s body needs appropriate nutrients to develop properly as indicated in the article, Promoting equity through integrated early child development and nutrition (Black, 2014). Over the year’s obesity has grown to be a factor in young children (Black, 2014). This article indicates that nutritional guidelines are followed through availability of food, accessibility and acceptability of food and nutrients to ensure that obesity does not occur (Black, 2014). This article indicates that the families that follow strategies to promote healthy growth often intend to prevent child obesity (Black, 2014). In reading our text book, Development Through Lifespan, it is indicated that nutrition during the prenatal stage up until the child’s early development is important (Berk, 2014). As indicated in Chapter 3, teratogens and poor nutrition can have negative effects on a woman’s pregnancy and can later affect the child (Berk, 2014).

In Chapter 1, it is indicated that improvements in nutrition, sanitation and medical knowledge, can determine the life expectancy of a human (Berk, 2014). Chapter 3 indicates that because the fetus completely depends on the mother for its nutrients to help with growth it is important that an expecting mother follows a healthy diet (Berk, 2014). The child’s diet is as important before birth as it is after birth and throughout development (Berk, 2014). Nutrition is very important in a child’s development after reading our assigned material (Berk, 2014). It is important to follow through with a child’s nutrition from prenatal care through the first 5 years of a child’s life as indicated in research conducted (Berk, 2014).

To answer the question, if a psychologist does not follow the APA Code of ethics, consequences are to follow. In the state of Texas, a psychologist has publicly endorsed a product with no empirical evidence supporting its claims. The psychologist was receiving a percentage of the money from the sale of the product to parents. This is found to be a violation of the APA Code of Ethics.

According to the APA Code of Ethics Section 5.02 Statements by Others, Psychologists do not compensate employees of press, radio, television or other communication mediate in return for publicity in a news item (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2017). ConclusionIn conclusion, a child’s nutritional habits are important in their development. After researching the topic, I have concluded that a child deserves a good nutritional meal, such as breastfeeding, organics, and soy diets to obtain good cognitive development. After watching, reading and listening about this topic in the past, I did not believe this to be true, as I thought that cognitive development was mostly based on learned behavior.

A child’s nutrition does matter, and a child should grow up learning about a good balanced diet.


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