The department and could have detrimental effects

The importance of a team having a common sense of purpose is so we can work towards shared goals set out by the company and it gives members of the team a reason for being there.
It is really important that we have a common sense of purpose to ensure all members of the team are pulling in the same direction, it brings a level of unity and aligns the team to the business needs and avoids misalignment. This is vital to making productive time, more profitable. Aligned team members will not only see, but feel the success of the work area, department and business which may often lead to increased contribution, feeling of pride and ultimately create a culture of highly motivated people.
If we didn’t have a common sense of purpose, we could find our teams working away from, or not in line with the company’s vision, which could delay or halt productivity. This could have a negative effect on the individual, team or department and could have detrimental effects on the task at hand and levels of motivation and contributions will more than likely drop.
In my Team, the company’s vision is clearly shown on a pyramid (Appendix 1) and when I present a task or project, I relate the information back into the bigger picture to ensure understanding is there and ensuring a common sense of purpose is given – this ensures the job gets done right, first time. One of the key visions shown on the pyramid is ‘More Great Products’ – on one of the projects, we had to make cycle time improvements to build more cars. When outlining the task I related it to the company’s vision by explaining how this would affect the company from individual efforts, which influences good behaviour, performance and often aids decision making where needed. As a result of this, we achieved the target and met the objective.


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