The by Trump in March to prohibition

The Trump administration
has sent out a report trying to show a strong link between immigrants and
terrorism in the United States. The administration released statistics stating
that many people convicted of international terrorism charges in the US, over
more than the past decade, were born of foreign soil. The announcement came
during a push by the Trump admin to permit new limitations on immigration. The
11-page report fixated on cases in which immigrants were linked to terrorism
plots after being let into the country as a part of the diversity visa lottery
or because they were related to citizens/ legal residents. The report was
confusing and misleading at some points. The president took to Twitter, of course,
and quoted the report falsely. The report ACTUALLY stated that 3 out of 4
people sentenced of international terrorism or terrorism-related charges were
foreign-born. The potential immigration compromise has turned into an argument
that is racially charged. The president is pushing for a merit-based
immigration system. The homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, brought
light to the case of Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, an Uzbek citizen who was
allowed into the US on a diversity visa lottery in 2011. In 2015 he plead
guilty to conspiring to support the Islamic State after posting a threat to
harm President Obama on a website in his native language. President Trump is
now looking for an end to the visa lottery and a beginning to new restrictions
on immigrants ability to bring their visiting families into the United States. This
report was drawn up to re-enforce the executive order that was delivered by
Trump in March to prohibition foreigners from six generally Muslim countries
from entering the US. In a joint press release from representatives Jerrold
Nadler, of New York, and Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi, released a statement describing
how the report is misleading, relies on fake data to show portray that
immigrants from heavily Muslim populated countries are dangerous, and is then
used as reasoning for policies that indorse the constant abuse of rights and
civil liberties. (Hirschfeld & Nixon, 2018)

article addresses the fact that our President is pulling back on the arrow that
is aimed for immigrants. This report is targeting those coming into our country
from mostly Muslim communities and making them be labeled as terrorists. It is
sad how we, as a nation, have put such a stigma on one religion. I think
terrorists come in all shape, sizes, and religions. Not just Muslim. 


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