The 2000. The ILOVEYOU worm was written

The ILOVEYOU virus also known as the lovebug worm and the love letter virus and was a computer worm that spread through email attachments. It was created by Onel De Guzman in 2000. The ILOVEYOU worm was written in Microsoft Visual Basic Script and exploited the fact that the scripting engine system was enabled by default in Windows. ILOVEYOU spawned many variants that could overwrite data, alter files, or download other malware and email themselves using Microsoft Outlook. The worm was programed to overwrite all the files with media extensions such as images, documents with copies of itself. It is said to be one of the nastiest and most aggressive worms ever made.
The Love Bug spread itself via email by sending itself to everyone in the users address book by using the subject line “ILOVEYOU” and the message body “Kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me”. It was able to spread very fast and successfully because it had tapped into a universal desire that most people have to be loved. This is a very good example of social engineering. Peoples curiosity made the love bug very hard to resist. The love bug is estimated to have caused about $10 billon losses in as many as 20 counties. The worm spread very fast and very wide. One tenth of the worlds mail servers were down as a result of the love bug. In 2002, the ILOVEYOU virus obtained the world record for being the most virulent computer virus at the time.
The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation had no choice but to drop the chargers against Mr Onel de Guzman because they were no laws which they could apply in the case. Because computers played such a tiny role in the Philippines, it has never seen the need to write laws concerning the Internet. The lack of computer crime legislation caused the Philippine Congress to enact the Republic Act No. 8792, known as the E-Commerce Law, in July 2000.


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