The views the world as an existence

The Idealistic approach sees thought as the creator of “reality” while the Realistic approach views the world as an existence independent of perception. When we talk about Political Idealism has a more positive perception of the world of international relations and according to this perspective, international institutions play a pivotal role in the creation and maintenance of a peaceful international environment.

Idealist believe that behavior considered immoral on an interpersonal level is also immoral in foreign policy. Therefore idealist argue that dishonesty, trickery and violence should be shunned. In the United States of America, Idealism has usually been associated with the Democratic Party since world War1. Woodrow Wilson worked to promote democracy and national self-determination. His Idealism led him to push hard for the creation of the League of Nations, an international organization that would fight aggression and protect the weak from the strong in 1919. So Wilson describe a person who advocates promoting democracy overseas in the name of idealism. Plato is in favor of Idealism and therefore it is considered to be more accurate and correct as idealism is more important in teaching and it helps in putting new ideas into art.

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