The human trafficking.- James is hired to drive

The suspect knowingly, or in reckless disregard of the facts, engages in, or attempts to engage in, or benefits financially by receiving anything of value from participation in a venture that has subjected a person to human trafficking.- James is hired to drive truck across the United States for quick cash.

He just wasn’t allowed to ask any questions, don’t talk to anyone about it.James was hired was at a vulnerable point in life where he needed money. His wife died and child services took his daughter from him. He became aware of what was in the truck after he was run off the road. Didn’t see the whole picture of what he was doing. The back of the truck was locked, dirty and no sunlight.

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A lot of people at various gas stations became suspicious along the way but it went unreported. The two girls were sent to America to pay off their father’s debt by workingDrop off in a motel parking lot. James went to the police but the officer he went to was in on the whole operation.

The statement was never investigated. House where the girls were taken is very dark, no furniture.Was located in a regular neighborhood. They outfitted the girls with dresses and attempted to give them drugsMultiple girls in the house from all different backgroundsThe “owner” uses the threat of having sex with the younger sister to get the older sister to have sex with him. The girl’s at this point realize that they are not here to work labor jobs but they are now being forced into commercial sexual activity.Told the younger sister that if she stuck around she wouldn’t have to go back to school.

Got the younger daughter into a dress to take pictures of her.The operation was taking place at a motel but the girls were kept at the house to keep the locations seperate. These girls are mainly kept indoors, not allowed public interaction.

The suspect uses coercion for labor, services, or commercial sexual activity.Coercion used was enticing or luring by fraud or deceit                      -The younger girl wasn’t aware of what the photoshoot was for                      – They were told they would be working “labor” type jobs and that is why they agreed to come.Giving the girls a controlled substance.                 -Forced to drink a beverage that was drugged.                 – Given drugs upon arrival to the house. The victim can be an unauthorized alien, a foreign national in the United States with a valid visa, or a United States Citizen.The two girls were from Mexico but the movie doesn’t specify how they got to the United States.

Antonia- Over the age of 18Maria- the age of 16 For Trafficking that involves children under the age of 18, you do not need to prove that the suspect knew the person was under 18In the movie James decides to rescue the two girls that he dropped off. He felt guilty for what he did and after realizing what he put them into he wanted to save them. By the time he locates the house they are staying in all the girls were moved to a different location. Having a small amount of furniture and mainly just people to move, it is very easy to just pick up and go very quickly. After the move, James is walking down the street and notices the business card, a guy at the motel gave him with a phone number, matched the phone number to a Chinese Massage Parlor. James is able to rescue the older sister but is quickly called by the “owner” saying he wants her back in exchange for Dale who was helping James.

The “owner” threatened to kill the girls if he tried to save them. The “owner” tortures Dale. Dale’s daughter ran away to be with a man that put her in the system for trafficking. So it gives the movie the side that victims can come from anywhere.

The girls were rescued in the end after a fight broke out in the park where the exchange was being made. Dale was shot in the event of the fight but the girls were rescued. Another team was then sent to secure the rest of the girls after their location was made known.


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