“The we are brought into a woman named

“The Rocking-Horse Winner” arises in England in the 1920s. In the beginning of the story, we are brought into a woman named Hester who lives with her spouse, and her children in a lovely neighborhood. She is very bothered with motherhood and hold that she needs more money to keep up their luxurious lifestyle. The children feel their mother’s eager for more money as well.

They can all hear the house whispering; “there must be more money!” But no one addressed the elephant in the room, no one actually said it out loud, that there has to be more money. One day, Paul, asks his mother why they don’t own a car like their uncle Oscar. She expounds that his father is unlucky and is not able to make as much money as their uncle Oscar. Paul says that he, in fact, has luck.

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After that Paul waste plenty of time riding on his rocking horse. He thinks that it will lead him to luck, if he rides the horse long enough. One day, uncle Oscar visits the family and watch Paul rides wild on his rocking horse.

Uncle Oscar is entertained by the fact that his nephew names his horse after winning racehorses. Uncle Oscar asks Bassett, the family’s gardener, whether he’s been talking about horseracing with Paul, and if he puts any money on horses for Paul. Bassett balks. Thus, uncle Oscar then asks Paul if he puts money on horses. Paul says that he has been successful in betting on horses and has been winning a lot of money and that he got his start and luck with ten-shilling that was gifted by his uncle. At the next big race, Paul has planned to put three hundred pounds on Daffodil, the racehorse. Paul tells his uncle that he should put five pounds on Daffodil.

And eventually, Daffodil succeed. Oscar confronts the gardener about the money they won. Bassett declares that he and Paul have been companions and that he has been preserve Paul’s money.

Paul explains that when he’s doubtless sure about a racehorse, it’s a sure win for them. If he feels even a little hazy, they normally lose. Thus, Oscar agree to become their partner too.


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