The the long run, furthermore this article is

The article “Our failure to speak foreign languages should shame us. It is not civilised.” focuses on the British language. This article is for the people in Britain who are adults or who have children who has the power to decide what kind of education they want for their children. This can be perceive in the first sentence, “Schools and schoolchildren ditch languages like there’s no tomorrow.” The purpose of the article is seen in the context part where it’s saying “In Britain, since 2004, it is no longer compulsory to study a foreign language after the 14.

“, this means that the target audience or the readers or parents change their perspective and should do something about it’s going to affect the future of their children in the long run, furthermore this article is saying parents should think more about this problem and make them realize that knowing is important and this article should help them be convinced. In this article, the author uses tone and mood in order to achieve explanation about the language. One of the words that were used for tone and mood was playful and clear. This can be seen in the second paragraph, last sentence, ” How can you hope to understand other while requiring them to speak to speak to you in their English?” And in the fourth paragraph last sentence, “English will become deformed and opaque if those using it haven’t studied other languages.” These two sentences in the passage is very straightforward and also we can see that the point is clear which it will be considered as the tone and mood.In this passage, the author uses stylistic device in order to make the audience or the readers feel like they are affected in some way or the citizens in the UK what may feel about this.  Basically the author want the readers to be engaged in topics that is something to do with knowledge because it is a serious problem. Especially the British people who doesn’t engage that much when it comes to this kind of topic.

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This can be seen in the whole article like pronouns, verbs etc. The author also uses rhetorical question such as “Grammar? Pronunciation? Different alphabet? Spelling? Accents? Umaults?”. This may mean that author want the audience or the readers to think further about it and make some realization about it. Also, the author may want the readers to take take action about what is happening in their country.Overall, the article is very interesting to read because it’s about knowledge and knowledge is very important for every person.

The fonts and how the passage was organized can also affect how the readers would interpret the article. The author used many devices in order to make the readers stay on track with their reading. The author want the target audience to make an action about what’s happening in their country and have some realizations about it and make the readers question after they finish reading it. Lastly, after reading the article it should help them convince that knowledge is very important especially for the students that’s suppose to learn everything and there should be no limit about any kind of topic like language or anything else that is supposed to be learned.


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