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The HolocaustThe title of my book is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and it is a historical fiction. My book was about a jewish girl named Ellen that stays with her best friend’s family the Johansens to avoid being caught by the nazis and relocated along with her family. I selected this book because it was by Lois Lowry and I read other books by her so I thought that this book would be good. I also chose this book because it was a Newberry award winner.

Annemarie Johansen is the main character in the story, she is a ten year old girl that lives with her parents and sister at their home. She first appears at the beginning of the book racing her friend down a copenhagen street and throughout it and at the end. I liked her because she is strong when she needs to be, and is a friend when she needs to be. Annemarie was willing to save her friend by risking her and her life. Ellen Rosen was also one of the main characters in the story she is a nine year old girl living with her parents. Ellen appears in the story at the beginning also.

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Ellen a jew, who is Annemarie’s friend is forced to hide with Annemaries family. My book takes place during the german occupation of Denmark in 1943. It is in Copenhagen during the fall weather.

The Germans are relocating all the jews in Denmark and Ellen and her family find out that they will be relocated. Annemarie’s family assumes responsibility for Ellen Rosen, Annemarie’s best friend, when ellen’s family flees for their safety. Annemarie and her parents take her jewish friend Ellen in to hide with their family. Ellen is almost caught when soldiers come to the house asking questions about the daughter’s identity but she is still kept a secret. Ellen is taken to Annemaries uncle’s house where they are able to escape to Sweden by hiding in a hidden compartment of a boat.Both Ellen and Annes family are hiding from the nazis to prevent them from being relocated. The diary of Anne Frank takes place in Amsterdam, Holland and my book both takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943. Ellen pretends to be part of her friends family in hiding but in annes diary she and her family and friends are in hiding together in an attic.

I would recommend this book because it shows how the holocaust affected everybody and how wrong it was. I learned about life during the war and how people felt. This books main themes are loyalty, friendship, courage and humanity. It is a good book about two friends growing up in 1947 during world war two and one of them is a jewish girl. I liked it because you don’t know what will happen, something new comes up and something totally different happens.

It talks about the holocaust and has a lot of info while still being a fiction book.Words/ Pages : 499 / 24

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