The History of Mining & Its Significant Development

The History of Mining & Its Significant Development to Urban Mining

At this point of discussion, the process – urban mining must be expained in details.

Human civilisation is familiar with the process since a very long time which is still undefined.But we can at least get a fair idea about how or by whom the process was modified and was brought to light with the term as urban mining.

At first , the history of mining & its influence on human civilisation should be talked about.Mining may well have been the second of humankind’s earliest endeavors—
granted that agriculture was the first. The two industries ranked together as
the primary or basic industries of early civilization. The history of mining is fascinating. It parallels the history of civilization,
With many important cultural eras associated with and identified by various
minerals or their derivatives: the Stone Age,the Bronze
Age,the Iron Age,the Steel Age,and the Nuclear Age.
As one of humanity’s earliest endeavors—and certainly one of its first
organized industries—mining has an ancient and venerable history (Gregory,

Conservation of mineral resources is an important issue.Society is becoming much more cognizant of the need to conserve energy,minerals,and the environment and according to the environment, mining Industry has approved a policy that is favorable for more mineral sector
Sustainable Methods (National Mining Association, 1998).(4)

The term urban mining was derived from Professor Nanzhou of Tohoku University of Japan in 1980 and was provoked for recycling and reusing. In a nutshell, it is the process of recovery of components from compounds and products, buildings and waste. The transition from a linear to a circular approach illustrates waste management techniques over the last few decades. The linear traditional method is based on raw material, production, use, waste and landfill extraction.

Urban Mining Vs Ore Mining

As a result of global growth of economics and population, circular methods have been increasingly increasing from the increasing demand of basic raw materials. The approach is going from the limited and specific stocks of raw materials to the growing anthropogenic stocks. It creates a foundation for urban mining development.

Urban mineral operations work in the context of finalized work and technology finalization towards the replacement of second raw materials and energy from urban dwellers’ products. As a result of urban mining for long-term environmental protection, asset conservation and economic benefits, a systemic management of Anthroponic Resource stocks (products and buildings) and losses are provided.


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