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The following morning police decided to inform Simpson of his former flames passing. It was discovered that he had ironically took a flight en route to Chicago, shortly after the murders took place. Simpson had claimed that he was only there for a convention, which was briefly a one day event. He returned from Chicago to LA, the following afternoon to see his home had also been converted into a crime scene. Investigators marked and noted areas that they deemed as evidence. Officers then took him into custody, and began questioning his whereabouts. During the interrogation, they noted he had a wound on his right hand. Simpson initially stated that he did not know how he obtained it. Then later described injuring himself in a difficult manner within his vehicle (A white ford 1993 Bronco). Later, he claimed to have smashed a glass after learning of his former spouses death. Thus, opening the wound even further. Police decided this, and the evidence of blood found in the driveway  of  Simpson’s home, was enough to incriminate him. They later issued a warrant for his arrest, the day of Nicole Browns funeral in which he attended.On  June 17th, authorities informed Simpson, through his attorney, that was was to turn himself into the police by 10:00 AM that morning. When he did not show up, around 1 PM  they decided to visit his home to see if he was there. To no avail, Simpson was absent. However he left behind a letter stating “Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve had a great life, great friends. Please think of the real O. J. and not this lost person. Thanks for making my life special. I hope I helped yours. Peace and love, O. J.” This prompted a nationwide manhunt for Simpson. It was also noted that Simpson friend, and former football team member Al Cowlings was in his company. A warrant was issued for his arrest too. It was not until 6 PM, a motorist spotted Simpsons car and reported it to police. Shortly after, a chase on a Los Angeles freeway began with cops closing in on the Bronco. With Cowlings behind the wheel, and Simpson in the backseat. It came to an end after the car pulled into Simpsons driveway. They both surrendered, and was taken into police custody soon afterwards.Police found money amounted up to almost nine-thousand dollars; fake beards; mustaches presumed to be use for disguises; a weapon; and lastly a passport. On the account of the evidence found, police decided to charge him with the murders of both Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman. On July 22, at his arraignment he pleaded not guilty to all charges brought against him. However, due to sufficient evidence, a LA county judge ruled that Simpson was to be taken to trial.                  TRIAL,   EVIDENCE AND POSSIBLE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICEThe day of trial, January 24th, 1995 was the beginning of what was deemed the most controversial case of its decade. His defending attorneys; Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, Johnny Corcherien, all very high profile attorneys.  Beginning with witnesses, who knew of Simpson and his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson. Her sister, Denise brown had testified that Simpson was a very conflictive man in regards to Brown. He would often berate her in public places, with no remorse. Often times, leaving Brown almost “traumatized” or very so fearing for her life. In one instance, she recalled to jurors seeing “Simpson throwing Brown across the room and into a wall”. A friend of OJ’s, Ron Shipp, testified that Simpson once stated to him,”I’ve had dreams of killing Nichole”. This was yet the beginning of evidence brought against Simpson, for the jury to see. A friend of Simpson who happened to stay the night at his home, could not recall his whereabouts sometime after 9 PM. “We went out for (burgers) and fries around 9:30”. Around 11, he had heard loud noises protrude his wall. Shortly after, he had seen a “dark shadowy figure” emerge and enter the house. Simpson had testified that it was at this time, he was “practicing golf” within the backyard of his home; However, Phone records refuted this and revealed that Simpson had made a phone call to his then girlfriend Paula Barbieri from his car. It was also forensics, that had tied Simpson to the crime scene. O.J’s blood had been found near the bodies of Nicole and Ron. Forensics experts testified that “(the blood) could have came from 1 out of 170,000,000 sources. And that one source in fact, was O.J Simpson. Also, a pair of socks found in his home contained blood particles that matched his ex wife’s. A footprint was found in the pool of blood, William J. Bodziak a shoe expert and authority testified that the print matched Simpson’s. Whose foot happened to be a size 12, the same size of the print that was found . Finally, the infamous glove that was found lying near Nicole’s body. This was the most controversial/crucial evidence that was apart of the trial. In front of jurors, and attendees of the trial OJ Simpson was told to place the glove on. He was at first made to put on a plastic one to shield any other possible evidence from perishing. As he struggled to put it on, lead prosecutor Maria Clark demanded he’d stop messing around and fully put on the glove. OJ insisted that it didn’t fit, and he couldn’t fully wear the glove. “It was too small”.  It was later on found out that Simpson had arthritis within the joints of his hand. He had prescribed medications to help with its factors. However, two weeks before the trial he stopped taking the medicine. Resulting in his hands swelling; a possible factor why the glove could not fit when it could have.                 However, the main discrepancy also lied with the glove and the responding officer that found it, Mark Furhman. He was grilled by Simpson’s attorneys as a possible racist. In thus, most likely planting the glove to further incriminate Simpson even more. Furhman was audio taped on several occasions using “the n-word” profusely. Often time referring mainly to Simpson. This gave jurors the presumption he had ill-intent towards Simpson, leaving them with a true impression Simpson did not wear those gloves on the night of the murders. Concluding he most likely did not commit them. Other evidence also retorted Simpson being involved by counter forensic expert, Henry Lee. He had testified that the DNA test revolving around the crime scene, had no ties with Simpson. Crediting the test as “something very wrong”.Lee had also stated that the shoe print couldn’t hold just Simpson as one possible suspect. In fact, “it looked as though it could have been several assailants”.  BEFORE & AFTER THE ACQUITTAL OF ORENTHAL SIMPSON After almost over one-hundred and thirty days of trials, the longest in California’s history the jury  finally served a verdict. The trial had a total of  On October 3, 1995, the jury read before a crowd  “Not Guilty”. This sparked an outcry not just within the courthouse, but across the nation. There was an extreme amount of mixed emotions and opinions. An 83% of white americans believed he did commit the crime whilst 53% of African Americans agreed. Simpson, now no longer found under a presumption of committing a crime, “vowed to find the murderer who killed his ex-wife”. However, he had never presented any progress forward, or any leads to the press. In A civil trial, filed by the victims families Simpson was ordered to pay a total of thirty-three million dollars after it was decided he caused the wrongful deaths of them both. Evidence was brought up again from the previous trial, the size 12 shoe being the main piece. New evidence, however was also brought forth “tying” Simpson to the scene more than the previous trial.       The Nicole Brown Simpson case is one of the most disputed cases until this day. Conspiracies theories, possible new leads, and even new evidence continuously come into prompt. It has left many to wonder who murdered Nicole and her friend, whom happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was the murder right before their eyes, sitting in the courtroom.


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