The the treasured John F. Kennedy, but some

The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy By: Josie MelroseBoom! A shot from a sixth floor window in the Texas School Book Depository. Three shots one death. Who is the real killer?Assassin (Lee Harvey Oswald) Lee Harvey Oswald a name that will go down in history, but not for a good reason. Charged with the murder of the beloved president John F.

Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was 24 and had a nice family, which included his spouse, Marina Oswald and their child, June Oswald. He had a wonderful family, why give it all up? We do know he bought a World War 2 Italian Rifle, under the name, Alek Hidll. After he shot the president he ran off to the theaters for what is thought to get paid. Soon the police found him and arrested Lee Harvey Oswald. The supposably the owner of the money was never caught.

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The PlanThe month before JFK was assassinated, Lee Harvey Oswald got a job at the Texas Bookstore Depository, which plays a big part in the assassin’s plan. The year before the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald started using the new identity of Alek Hidll. Using this alias, the police and government were not able to pin the purchases directly to Oswald. Seven months prior to the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to shoot General Walker but, instead of hitting the general, the bullet hit the window cill. Grassy Knoll ( Did The Shoot Come From Here?)What is the Grassy Knoll? It’s a piece of land covered in grass, the president drove right past it. Did a shot come from the Grassy Knoll? At least 19 people reported hearing 4 shots.That sparked the theory of the dog man/Badge man. Gordon Arnold had claimed to be on the Grassy Knoll, and also said that there was a man.

“A gentleman came from this particular direction and, I thought it was a police officer because he had a uniform of a police officer but . . . he didn’t wear a hat and, he had dirty hands, but it really didn’t matter much at the time because with him crying like he was, and with him shaking when he had a weapon in his hand.

” Gordon Arnold said that he saw all of this on that bitter day. He explained the man’s movements and how it had all made since that he could have a role in this crime. The man that Gordon Arnold saw had also been nicknamed the Badge Man and the Dog Man. Although this can’t be confirmed this still seems very likely, if there was a fourth bullet.Who’s To Blame?Now for who’s to blame it’s hard to say because nobody really knows who killed the treasured John F. Kennedy, but some people are starting to point fingers.The Body GuardsMany people would think to pass by the body guards on the Zapruder film, but wait . .

. now look a little closer . . . What do you see? I see a bodyguard motioning  for the Secret Service/Bodyguards to get away from the car.

Giving them the “All clear,” Yet they step away to this ONE soldier no permission or advised person instructed them to do that? NO ONE. This shows that they are the ones to blame. Also if the bodyguards would have stayed in positions on the back of the car, there would have only been one shot fired, therefore the beloved John F. Kennedy would have not died.The Presidential Staff Days before the President drove through the city of Dallas, the presidential staff released the route.  You would think this would not have a been a problem, but if you think about it this provided the assassin(s) the opportunity to begin investigating the best location for shooting the president.  The Bookstore Depository provided a perfect nest to hide a sniper and having a sight advantage to have a clean straight shot at the president as he was driving away.The Magic Bullet How did the bullet enter and exit the body? How many bones or parts of the body were broke? Science and a lot of research shows that there were ONLY 3 shots fired.

The Magic bullet theory came from the Warren Commission.  The first shot missed the president and hit the street.  Although it is hard to believe that one bullet went through JFK’s throat, then switch from going at a left angle to the right and hitting Governor Connally’s right shoulder, then going through his body, hitting his right rib, and supposedly ricocheting to shatter his right wrist, then defying the laws of gravity to hit his left leg.

After that the bullet was in pristine condition, the bullet looked as if it was brand new when found at the autopsy.  How? That’s why they call it the Magic Bullet. Tests have shown that this theory is possible and the bullet did change direction in midair, when going through the substance that acted like a human flesh. Till Governor Connally’s death, he said that he only heard two shots.

 The Curse Nobody really knows if the Kennedy’s are truly cursed but hard to believe they are not when you see the family’s history. John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald during a parade route.  Robert Kennedy was assassinated after winning the California presidential primaries by Sirhan Sirhan.  Ted Kennedy survived a plane crash and driving off a bridge to later be diagnosed and die with lung cancer.  David Kennedy died by an overdose of drugs.  Michael Kennedy was playing football while skiing with family members in Colorado and hit a tree and died.  John F.

Kennedy Jr. and his wife died in plane crash, John F. Kennedy Jr. was the pilot of the plane. Last but not least Mary Kennedy committed suicide and no one knows why.Boom! A shot from a from the sixth floor room in the Texas School Book Depository. 3 shots 1 death.

Who is the real killer?Text Source: The president has been shot  By: James L. SwansonPicture Source:


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