The consequences. The withdrawal of federal troops meant

The Compromise of 1877 signifiedthe resolution to the controversial 1876 presidential election between DemocratSamuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. Hayes. During which, Tilden won morepopular votes than Hayes, yet some electoral votes were disputed. This resultedin The Compromise of 1877 and the election of Rutherford B. Hayes in exchangefor the discontinuation of federal troops from the South. This also meant theSouth was now considered home-rule.

Because of this chain of events there weremany long-term consequences. The withdrawal of federal troopsmeant the end of the Republicans attempts to protect the rights of AfricanAmericans which marked the end of Reconstruction. As a result, states in theSouth quickly passed laws to make it harder for African Americans to voteas well as enacting racial segregation. Another important result of the Compromise of1877 was the South being grated home-rule. This meant that Republicans wouldhave to hold back from being involved in the South’s local matters and thatDemocrats, who were usually white and racist, would have power. Although manyof the Southern Democrats claimed they would treat everyone equally, theycertainly didn’t stick to their word. As a result of the home-rule beinggranted to the South, man black men were not allowed to vote and soon Jim Crowsegregation was inflicted across the South.

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Jim Crow laws were constructed bywhite southerners to implement racial segregation. During this time “whitesonly” signs were found at restaurants, public parks, movie theaters, publicschools and many other establishments across the South. Those who chose to testthe Jim Crow laws were sentenced to jail time or faced violence.

Soon after,the Supreme Court proclaimed Jim Crow segregation legal and that “separate butequal” establishments would be held for African Americans and were permittedunder the Constitution. These series of events eventuallyled to the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. This movement was the birth place ofthe iconic Freedom Riders, boycotters, protestors and the infamous MartinLuther King Jr. With these boycotts, organized sit-ins, and protest marcheswhere African Americans urged equality, many received physical violence fromwhites in power. Through persistence and the death of Martin Luther King Jr.African Americans were eventually able to receive support for the Civil RightsMovement.I believe these long-term consequencesof the Compromise of 1877 paved the way for African Americans living today to havethe ability to be able to voice their opinion and stand up for what theybelieve in.

I do think many African Americans today are still being oppressedin ways many choose to turn a blind eye to, yet things have come a long waysince the compromise. I think because of the series of events that happenedfollowing the Compromise many more African Americans have been grantedopportunities they may not have been able to otherwise. America still has along ways to go when it comes to racial equality and the fight for this is longfrom over, but with persistence and unity I believe we can come together as anation to combat the racial discrimination we have been battling for centuries.


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