The Asia for their resources and export markets.

The atomic bomb was a nuclear weapon of war, and the first of these bomb were dropped on two Japanese during the second world war.  The dropping of the atomic bomb was justified because of the fact that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, they had participated in many atrocities and a land invasion would have caused more of the allies to die. The atomic bomb being dropped was justified due to the fact the Japanese had attacked the U.S. at a military base named Pearl Harbor. In hope of crippling the united states navy and getting an edge on the United States. When the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service had launched their attack on pearl harbor, which after approximately 2 years since the war had started and this was the first direct attack on the United States. Up until the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States was not participating in the war. The staff of History. Com stated that “The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, but Japan and the United States had been edging toward war for decades.” Even if the attack was a surprise it was still gonna at one point or another because of a few reasons one of them being that the United States was not very happy with Japan’s hostile behavior towards China and wanted to take over southeast Asia for their resources and export markets. Another reason was that because the Japanese were trying to accomplish these things, the United States froze their assets in the united states which were three-fourths of its overseas trade and a majority of its oil which, even during months of negotiations neither side would budge so war was close by. Since the Japanese attacked pearl harbor without actually being at war with the United States, so when the U.S did join the war they had every right to drop the bomb and end it. Another major factor in this tragedy was this attack was completely unprovoked and uncalled for, an ill-prepared America didn’t stand a chance. Among all this, more than 2,403 Americans lost their lives and some them were innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. There were a great many American casualties, the number was recorded and the staff have said that “More than 2,400 Americans died in the attack, including civilians, and another 1,000 people were wounded.” At first glance those numbers look bad and they are bad but when you go in depth it’s worse such as a lot of civilians died and got injured during this attack, and the attack was not provoked, so all those soldiers were unprepared to against the Japanese which led to 2,335  American military personnel dead and 1,143 injured. So to just attack all of these people without a war going on between the two countries was a low blow, which adds more justification to the atomic bomb being dropped. Even it seemed harsh, it was very much needed. Another reason that the atomic bomb was justified because the Japanese were causing many atrocities. They tortured and killed allies and civilians in cold blood without any remorse, so the bomb being dropped on them shows them that the allies were not weak and can be as ruthless as they were. Since the number of inhumane things they’ve done outweighs the atomic bomb, so for them to argue inhumanity is a joke. One of the many atrocities was named the Palawan Massacre, this was where American POWs were beaten and worked to the bone and finally burned alive and of the 150 POWs, less than a dozen of them lived. Written in an article by  V. Dennis Wrynn he said “In another case of POW massacre, the Japanese stationed in Palawan Island, Philippines tried to kill all their American prisoners, After driving the prisoners into makeshift air raid shelters, the Japanese burned them alive…as men engulfed in flames broke out of their fiery death traps, the Japanese guards machine-gunned, bayoneted and clubbed them to death. Most of the Americans never made it out of the trenches and the compound before they were barbarously murdered.” The POWs were worked past the point of exhaustion every day under harsh conditions by the Japanese but one day a plane over the island they were on and the Japanese interpreted it as an attempt by the allies to rescue the POWs, so they put them all into air raid shelters, and started to burn the shelters and when the soldiers tried to escape they either clubbed or shot by the Japanese. Another major atrocity the Japanese participated in was another massacre and this one reached a death toll of 100,000 civilians dead. But before killing them, the Japanese raped and pillaged the people of Manila for weeks until they finally killed them. The author Mark V. stated that “When the Americans arrived, the Japanese forces realized that they faced certain death and vented their rage on the hapless civilians trapped inside their lines. For weeks, the Japanese raped, pillaged, and murdered.” The people of this city went through so much in just a few weeks by the Japanese then after all the torture they went through and finally were executed by the Japanese, the Palawan massacre and the tragedy of Manila were not the only two places this type of barbaric behaviour was occurring in and obviously this needed to stop and the Japanese needed to suffer a big loss so they could begin to imagine the type of pain they’ve inflicted on others. That big loss ended up being the atomic bomb. The dropping of the bomb was better than a land invasion because many more allied soldiers would die in a war where there have already been way too many allied casualties. Around 90,000 to 146,000 people died due to the nuclear bomb if it wasn’t used the allies would have suffered an added major number of casualties from a land invasion then what the Japanese suffered. The writer of this article, Zachary Keck said: “Given the stiff resistance U.S. and allied forces faced during the island-hopping campaign of the Pacific War, it would have been many, many times greater than the people that died from the atomic bombings.” At that point, the allies had a lot of casualties and the numbers kept on growing during the island-hopping campaign. To end the war without losing more allied soldiers, so their best option was dropping a bomb and that was exactly what they did. The nuclear bombings gave the Japanese leaders the excuse of surrendering, which means the killing would not have stopped if the bomb was not dropped, the Japanese would have continued to fight until they were all either captured or dead taking with them many more lives. Again Keck states “Without the atomic excuse, Japan’s leaders would have ordered that the military continue to fight despite the Soviet’s declaration of war against Tokyo. The fighting that would have ensued before they surrendered would have resulted in far more deaths than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. After all, given the number of deaths Japan had endured during the war, the leaders could not have surrendered after only 200,000 soldiers were killed.” Even after the first bomb was dropped the Japanese were still willing and ready to fight, so when they didn’t surrender another bomb was dropped and after that, the Japanese finally surrendered without the allies losing more soldiers.Without these two bombs being dropped the Japanese would have killed more allied soldiers and innocent civilians.


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