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The greatest Invention Ever (The Compass) In order to understand why something is the greatest invention ever you must first understand the significance of the device and what life was like before the invention was created .Before the invention of the compass many sailors, barbarians and dynasties relied heavily on the significance of constant landmarks ,natural manmade structures and celestial bodies in the sky such as the famous north star while these were great to rely on during cloudless sunny days or cloudless nights . Days were the celestial bodies were not visible due to cloud cover natural manmade structures were not able to be seen from far and constant landmarks seem hazy many travelers became lost this can be seen time and time again through cases were sailors using celestial bodies as their way to navigate encounter cloud cover and veer off their original path causing them to become lost at sea.

The compass allowed for better reliability in navigation as well as a sense of direction when weather conditions became less efficient .The first invention of the compass existed in the Han dynasty were it was known as the south governor were it was not used for navigation but enfact used for fortune telling ,geomancy and spiritual uses the early chinese magnetic compass were made using lodestone and were used to harmonize architecture with the geomatic principles of feng shui. Feng Shui is a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when sitting and designing buildings. Lodestone is naturally magnetized pieces of the mineral magnetite naturally aligns itself with earth’s magnetic field causing the south pole of the lodestone to be attracted to the earth’s north pole the ancient chinese discovered this when lodestone was suspended that it would point to these poles .A spoon shaped instrument was placed on a bronze plate called a heavens plate it was called a heavens plate because it was said to point to the heavens above or a diviners board that had eight trigrams on the I ching as well as twenty four directions and lunar mansions the twenty four directions were based of the constellations where as the twenty eight lunar mansions were based on the constellations dividing the equator.The chinese were the first on record to build an actual compass they used the compass to find suitable building areas for their homes in addition the compasses were used to find rare and valuable gems which pulled the lodestone in the compass a different direction than the natural poles. The first early mechanical models of the compass are referenced to the written records of the chinese as well. The compass in europe allowed europeans to sail a lot more usually the regular practice in ancient times had been to curtail means to reduce in extent or quantity impose a restriction on.

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The sea travel between the months April and October because of the lack of skies during the mediterranean winter as byproduct of the invention of the compass the prolongation of the sailing saw a gradual but sustained increase in shipping movement season began as early as late January and ended as late as early December .This created an economic boost which allowed many convoys such as the Venetian Convoy to make two rounds trips to Levent as opposed to its usual one trip also commercial travel in the mediterranean increased as a direct result as well.So now that we understand the history of the compass many might say that the compass is not the most important invention however without the invention of the compass many other inventions later on would have not been possible such as gps and other navigational tools do to the thriving of humans wanting to explore the invention of the compass became very important just think about it without the invention of the compass the plymouth who carried the pilgrims to the americas might have been lost and the creation of America itself would have never been founded so think about all the american inventions the hearing aid ,the defibrillator pads ,crash test dummies, the zipper and many more all these would have never been created if the compass would have never been invented because America itself would have never been founded well some might say that if the compass would have never been invented humans would have eventually just found new ways of being able to navigate well they could have found new ways to navigate but none of them would have been as accurate as the compass because the compass points and aligns itself directly up with the poles of the earth which means that true north is exactly true north and true south is exactly true south while other means of navigation such celestial bodies show true north just not on cloudy days and are means to navigate just not as accurate and reliable as the compass. To argue that the compass is not the greatest invention in the world would be like arguing that the earth is not round its flat without the compass their would have been no circumnavigation of the world by Ferdinand Magellan but instead magellan would have become lost at sea. Christopher Columbus would have never landed in the americas at all but instead would have become lost at sea even though he thought he landed in the west indies none of these explorations would have never been possible without the invention of the compass we today still use similar technology to help find directions to where we are trying to go such as Little Rock AR to Marionville MO we would use gps to help find our way to Marionville MO from Little Rock gps its bases which includes the navigation tool called a compass would never even be possible without the invention of the compass itself travel itself not only in the time were the compass did not exist but in this time to would be so much harder without the invention of the compass can you imagine staring up at the night sky to try and determine where is true north so that you can travel in the right direction i’m going to answer that for you no you can not you know why because of the invention of the compass has changed the way we have looked at navigation forever without the compass the accuracy in which we can pinpoint the location we are about to travel in would be nonexistent and the prediction of travel trajectory itself would be obsolete imagine traveling hundreds of miles in a certain direction without any certainty that you are headed in the right direction only to realize when you get that their that the direction you traveled in to begin with was incorrect so now you have to turn back around and proceed in a direction in which you are still uncertain of this was basically life without the compass you had a general direction just not a for certain direction of travel.

The compass in modern times today exist in so many things we use in everyday life such as computers, games, telephones ,tvs ,cars, gps systems now come packed with built in compasses and as technology develops so does the compass now we have developed compasses and instruments of technology such gyroscopes and accelerometers where with a shake or a flick these devices can control mobile gadgets which are embedded into your phone making them much cheaper and easier to produce and manufacture and making handheld devices much smaller as result these highly advanced compasses can be eventually incorporated into other things such as running shoes ,tennis rackets ,basketballs and footballs this is made possible because instead of the compass measuring sense of direction in the fluctuation of the magnetic fields it measures the fluctuation of the displacement of the air around the Earth’s magnetic which in terms can be put into things such as footballs and basketballs which are thrown to help show the amount of fluctuation around those objects. The compass is the greatest invention ever because it paved the way for navigation of all sorts allowing more and more ideas to be spread allowing for accurate and safe travel and allowing more and more eventions to be created today it continues to pave the way for even greater technological advancements this is why the compass is enfact the greatest invention of all time and will continue to help further our understanding of technology itself .


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