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The gratitude due to suppressing yet another world war in the second half of the 20th century is deserved by one man and one man only. That man is Pope John Paul II.

His spirit, determination and leadership continuous to inspire the world years after his death. His eminence believed that the true answer to the coming together of different creeds and races was voicing solidarity against the unjust and identifying first as a human. Growing a sense of equity among the mass would create governments more inclined to peace. The Pope was neither hesitant to act on his beliefs nor to use his power in the name of the church but he used authority given to him and the image he created as a religious symbol very carefully. He made it his duty to unify his people and called for dialogue and brotherhood among the faiths.He was a humble and a humorous man. He communicated with people with premeditated clarity and sincerity which made what he had to say more convincing.

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I think we could be similar in that respect. It was important for him as it is for me to gain people’s trust. It was also important for him to trigger people’s thoughts as well by allowing criticism and giving platform for them to share their concerns which I believe is a key element in having people engage. He empowered those with a cause to express their discontent and helped them take course of action. I too try to have people intrinsically motivated by encouraging a sense of individuality among them.

He thought that people eventually admitted their shortcomings but somehow failed to see that some people were just self-centered and greedy. I don’t believe it’s practical to assume that people would just give in to what’s right . I try to pull strings and impose my case. All he did was lecture people of faith to doing the right thing which wasn’t fruitful all the time.

There is also his resistance to progressiveness within the church and ultimately in society which I view as the single blemish in the biography of this great man. I think we live in a society that celebrates progressive achievements in matters such as women rights and sexual freedom and that opposing this is not possible in a civilized world with reasonably educated people.Being humble can affect your image as a leader, people may see it as a weakness and try to take advantage of it. People also won’t take you seriously if you’re humorous all the time which actually happened to me once and it was not easy trying to reverse the situation. Furthermore, if you maintain such a high image of yourself you’ll feel restricted to take different stands because you’ll be worried about how others will interpret it.

So it is important to celebrate our human flaws instead of always trying to alter them.


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