Reaching sun leaving Kalvala for over two months

Reaching for the SkiesIn a world where only money matters, Og Mandino and Buddy Kaye’s “The Gift Acabar” presents a wealthy insight on what kind of stuff life should be made. In a simple story of a boy’s struggle to keep his dreams from being destroyed by life’s adversity, the authors provide the “Credenda” that sums up life’s significance. The use of supernatural element, in the form of a miracle, brought a change in the character’s personality. It somehow provides a deeper meaning of the events that took place in his life.In such a young age, the Lapp boy Tulo is faced with great responsibilities.

He already lost his parents, who were very close to him. The situation became more challenging when a terrible storm came and he was the one providing a living for his younger sister, Joana. Moreover, the sun leaving Kalvala for over two months ever year makes daily economic living difficult. So goes Tulo’s struggle with life. With the star of right beside him to give him hope and guidance, he was able to face the obstacles in his life and touch the lives of the people in their small village.The setting contributes to the purpose of the story – to provide a challenge which would improve a man’s character and make him a stronger individual.

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Tulo underwent the process, got hurt, felt bad, and eventually recovered. The harsh environment also makes an atmosphere where one could feel the misery and unhappiness that affects the story. The coming of the Star Acabar and Star of Lirra literally and symbolically gave light to the people.

As an inspirational work, “The Gift of Acabar” teaches the readers that to struggle is the only certain way for anyone to achieve his full potential and that adversity is not a curse, it is a blessing. It ‘s a good book that will tell the readers that there’s always light in darkness. But it would have been better if the writers thought of another way in fixing the conflict. Miracles as performed in the Bible serve to make the people believe in God, not to solve life’s difficulties.

Inspirational stories make a stronger impact when the people could actually relate to it.Bibliography:

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