The The genre of this book is

The faultin our stars is written by the very famous author John Green.

The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I hadalready watched the movie starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, so I pretty much have the idea whatthe book is going to be about. The movie had me cry, laugh and smile. Hazel is the type of teenager we all wish we were. She issmart and funny, beautiful and confident. She gets along with her parents very well.

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Hazel has terminal cancer she has taken her ability to breathe on her ownbecause of this she has to carry a cylinder almost everywhere she goes. Her parentsforce her to join a cancer survivor support group. Although she doesn’t really likebeing a part of the group, she soon finds a reason to like it. Augustus Waters.Thevery charming Augustus immediately shows his liking in Hazel and the twobecome fast friends, they start texting, hanging out and soon they become veryclose friends by close friends I mean friends in a romantic way.

No one canrelate to a person who has cancer unless that person themselves have cancer.Hazel starts sharing personal things with Augustus, she tellshim about her THE IMPERIAL AFFLICTION. This book is about a teenage girl namedAnna who has cancer, Hazel relates to this character because she has similarthoughts as Anna.

The one thing about this book that ticks Hazel off is that itdoesn’t have an ending! Augustus shows interest in this book and they both getcurious to know the ending of the book. Augustus gets obsessed with finding theauthor Peter Van Hosten, so they can ask him what the ending is. During allthis Hazel realises she is in a time bomb and she starts staying away fromAugustus. However, is committed to Hazel, so much so that he tracks down VanHouten through his assistant’s email address.Augustus tracks down his email and they are invited to anexquisite dinner.

Peter Van Hosten, they are told is paying the bill. They twoare taking to Van Hosten’s apartment. Van Hosten had no idea they are coming, His assistant, Lidewij, had set the visitup and the dinner. Van Hosten is mean and obnoxious to the two, refusing toanswer their questions are stupid because the characters aren’t real and thatthe story doesn’t exist and the book has ended with the death of Anna. He hasnever imagined what happened to them later.

He then tells Hazel and Augustusthat they are only living because others pity them. They leave the hose upset,after several events Augustus passes away and Hazel is in a miserable state Peter VanHosten attends Augustus ‘funeral this has everyone shocked. Hazel and herparents give a ride to him from the funeral.

He tells Hazel that Augustus hadwrote to him when they’d left Amsterdam. Van Hosten still acts pretentious; shemakes him leave the car. Hazel realises that his daughter death was the reasonhe had a miserable person and an alcoholic. Hazel in the end then gets to knowthat Augustus had left a letter behide for her. The story ends with hazelreading Augustus letter. He speaks of how much he loves her and the way sheshould be living her life without him Before Iread this novel I was way too judgemental about it, I thought it was going tobe another sappy love story full of clichés and way too cheesy for my likingbut I was completely wrong.

This book made me cry, laugh and smile just likethe movie did. I’d recommend all my friends to read the book and watch themovie and to be prepared for a story of romance and anger excitement and humourand friendship.  


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