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The article under consideration written by Bernhard (2009) dwells upon the gaming industry in the USA. The author claims that the industry has often been criticized by many people, but it is proved to be one of the most transparent industries in the country.

Bernhard (2009) provides some historical data to support his arguments. The author also stresses that it can be better to follow the successful example of the industry, instead of criticizing it. The major arguments provided by the author are: transparency of the industry, its profitability and customers’ protection.

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Bernhard (2009, p. 57) states that the gaming industry proved that it could “operate and regulate cleanly”.

The author suggests that this is one of the best signs that the industry is the exemplary one. Of course, people should not criticize exemplary industries. On the contrary, other industries should try to follow the successful example of the Nevada-based industry. McGowan (2001) also points out that the industry has started operating in a very clear way. The industry is regulated by the government. At the same time, it has worked out effective strategies of running business. These strategies are clear and transparent.

Admittedly, this transparency is what many other industries lack.

Customers’ protection

One more point mentioned by Bernhard (2009) is that customers are protected in the gaming industry. The researcher stresses that the gaming industry is a highly regulated industry, so customers are protected by numerous regulations. The researcher also notes that other industries are often accused of various violations of customers’ rights. Orford (2003) also pays attention to this point.

Orford (2003) stresses that many people speak of moral principles, but they forget to mention that customers are less protected in any other industry. Ironically, customers’ rights are more secured in the gambling industry.


Finally, Bernhard (2009) argues that it is important to take into account the industry’s profitability. The researcher points out that governments of many countries as well as the government of the USA rely on the taxes provided by the industry. Other proponents of the gaming industry also mention this point.

For instance, Walker (2007) reminds that this industry’s profits have always been taxed at quite high rates. Admittedly, these taxes are used to support American economy. Besides, the industry is also a part of one more sector of economy, i.e. tourism. Thus, Ioannides and Timothy (2010) claim that the gaming industry is one of the most important attractions for thousands of tourists coming to Nevada. Therefore, it is illogical to remove one of the most profitable sectors of economy.


To sum up, the article in question deals with the controversy concerning the gaming industry in the USA.

Bernhard (2009) argues that transparency, profitability and customers’ security makes it one of the most exemplary industries. The researcher claims that it is necessary to learn more about effective strategies used in the gaming industry, instead of criticizing it. Other researchers second this opinion pointing at positive features of the industry.

Admittedly, the industry faces certain difficulties, but it is one of the most significant sectors of economy of Nevada. Historically, this was the place of gaming establishments. So, there can be no point in destroying the industry which developed into one of the most transparent, regulated and profitable industries in the region.

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