The that has imparted the profound skills and

ever-growing zeal to succeed has always been the driving force for me. I have
always believed to set a goal, stay focused on it, achieve the goal and then
again set another goal to achieve that. With the work experience of seven and
half years that has imparted the profound skills and knowledge of the
professional field; I would like to put my next step to achieve my goal by
pursuing Master degree. Today, working as a Senior Quality Analyst in ‘MediaOcean
Asia Pvt. Ltd.’, I am aware of the fact that given the company’s reputation and
the opportunities attached with my job, anyone would like to trade places with
me. But satisfaction does not come easily to me and in order to have a successful
career, it’s essential that I couple my existing technical knowledge with
managerial skills. Therefore, the Master’s program in Management Information
System is the ideal choice for me.


perfect blend of analytical and communication skills, creativity and spirit of
teamwork is the essence of a successful Quality Analyst. The academic
curriculum during my undergraduate studies helped me to nurture my analytical
and problem-solving skills. Courses in Applied Mathematics helped me to learn
about different tools for statistical
analysis such as regression analysis, hypothesis testing and differential
equations. The course on Software Engineering acquainted me with different
stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and the factors to be considered
while choosing a particular model for software development. Also, courses in
‘Operating systems’, ‘Theory of Computation’, ‘Computer Networking’, etc. which
helped me to understand basic fundamentals and provided a strong understanding
of Computers. Courses on Database
Management and Data Communication helped me to learn the analysis of data and
the administration of databases. Apart
from studies, I was also always involved in extra-curricular activities. I was
a permanent member of the anchoring committee and was also one of the organizing
members of the college’s annual cultural fest and many other inter-college
events. Getting engaged in diverse activities simultaneously instilled in me
the art of time management and displayed the importance of setting up
priorities at an early age.


My consistent performance in academics, overall knowledge in
Computers and leadership qualities helped get me in through campus selection
for the World’s largest gaming company “Electronic Arts” as a Quality Assurance
Engineer. It was my first corporate work experience and was enough to keep the
adrenaline flowing and my enthusiasm wasn’t diminished even a single bit. With
almost two and half years of work experience in Electronic Arts, I switched to
software giants, Global Logic Solutions. Due to my outstanding performance in
training and my knowledge in the subject, I was offered the opportunity to work
for the one of the company’s most prestigious clients and project ‘Verizon FiOS
Mobile’ as a Senior Test Engineer. Although I was having a gaming background,
the project required me to work on completely new tools called JMeter, Charles and
Omniture and master it within a stringent timeline. But I enjoyed every bit of
the challenge and my work was appreciated by my peers, superiors, and client as
well. Working on this project allowed me to explore and apply the software
development lifecycle in real time.

Currently, I am working with “Mediaocean Asia Private Limited”
as a Senior Quality Analyst-I. The company is in the field of Software Product
Development in the Ad-Tech Domain. Along with the application of software
development life cycle, I am also responsible in the automation of test
scripts. Here I automate manual test cases through data-driven development.
Apart from the technical knowledge that I am gaining, it has also given me
excellent exposure in business processes, team working, schedule and deadline
management and client handling. In the sudden absence of my superiors, I am
responsible for handling the module on my shoulders which meant daily dealings
with clients and also guiding and managing the new resources. Being awarded
thrice for my diligent work, Mediaocean also gave me an opportunity to travel
to New York in 2017 for having face to face discussions with the product
managers and direct clients regarding the roadmap and business processes for
2018. My work with Mediaocean has provided me with valuable exposure in using Java,
Selenium Webdriver and to enhance my leadership skills.

With the analytical and technical skills developed through
the years of under graduation and rich work experience of 7.5 years in all
stages of project development, I now aim to be a technology leader. Application
of information technology to solve business problems and managing information
is critical to the success of a business enterprise.  The MIS program, a perfect blend of three
major subjects- economics, computer science and managerial science, serves this
purpose. “Project Management and Implementation” and “Business Analytics” are the
foremost areas of my interest that I wish to study further. The attraction in
these subjects for me lies in their breadth of applicability, both as a method
of problem solving in itself and in a symbiotic integration with other areas of
business management. The diversity is one of the main reasons that I feel
compelled to pursue Business Analytics.

I am quite aware that to bring my career aspirations to
fruition, I need substantially more exposure than I at present, hence the
decision to undertake a master’s degree at this stage.  I believe that I have the requisite skills
and the rich work experience to do full justice to the course. The program ‘Management
Information System’ at the ———- would better equip me with the tools to
understand the complexities and design solutions in a better way. It would also
provide me an opportunity to learn from a diversified group of peers- the way
they would tackle a particular problem and from their responses to various
situations. I am thoroughly impressed by the curriculum and the mandatory
inclusion of the subject “Introduction to Business” for students with no
business background which speaks in itself the volume of research and efforts
being invested in making a curriculum for students’ benefit. For me, this course is so exactly
according to my needs that I feel it is tailor-made. I look forward to my admission in your
esteemed university so that I can commence on the next stage of my career.

Name: Curie Nandeshwar






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