The the army grew rapidly as brave Canadians

The War Measures Act was a federal statute by Parliament in 1914, after the First World War started. It was implemented to give extensive powers to the Canadian government to manage security and order during war. It was used for both world wars and also during the October Crisis.

(Smith, Denis. “War Measures Act.” The Canadian Encyclopedia) In 1970, Quebec wanted separation from Canada so they terrorized Canada and our Prime Minister invoked the Act in order to stop the separatist and to keep security. Some laws that were enforced were basic civil rights and liberties were suspended. It allowed police searches and arrests without warrants, and prolonged detentions without charges and without the right to see a lawyer.(CBCnews, CBC/Radio Canada, www.cbc.

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ca/history.) This act changed history by changing human rights and changing Canadian lives and it eventually strengthen Canada. This law also gave the government the ability to force young men to sacrifice their lives without choice as 25,000 Canadians were forced to join the first war. After this was enforced, the army grew rapidly as brave Canadians volunteered to serve.

Historically it was the largest troop movement to be made across the Atlantic. In all Canada raised over 600,000 men for the army and also supplied pilots in the Royal Air Force. The Canadians expanded the Royal Canadian Navy into the third largest convoy fleet in the world of the Second World War. This showed Canada’s patriotism and loyalty for Britain. If this law had not been invoked it wouldn’t really had made Canadians to join the war willingly and Canadians wouldn’t have shown their great amount of patriotism and ability for fighting the war and what made us independent today (Careless, J. M. S. Canada: a Story of Challenge.

Macmillan, 1970.) After the war a great amount of 105,000 courageous Canadians  got killed.There should be a memorial to pay tribute to the War Measures Act because of the 105,000 Canadians that died for our country and we should remember our freedom and all the human rights we have today.One of the most powerful weapons in the federal government’s arsenal was the War Measures Act, which was invoked three times (two of which were for World Wars) between 1914 and 1970. Though its final usage mostly affected Quebec in the wake of the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross and Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) in October 1970, Toronto was not immune from arrests, debates, and protests during the October Crisis.

It is important to remember the War Measures Act because it was successful in eliminating the terrorism in Quebec.


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