Crop oats, sunflowers, clover, grass and other

Crop circles are one of the controversial events related to the existence theory of U. F.

O or Unidentified Flying Objects. This phenomenon is associated with the paranormal manifestations of flattening of crops such as barley, soy, wheat, rye, linseed, canola, and corn. Several theories have been proposed in order to justify the causation of this said phenomenon. Some groups believe that the causation is basically due to environmental etiologies conforming its opinion to disbelief in the presence of U. F. O. On the other hand, paranormal perspectives view this case as the substance of U. F.

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O manifestation.However, evidences are still being questioned by the opposing group hence the theory is still being held questionable. The cock-and-bull factor of some these evidences have caused the complications in the analysis of this case. The evidences of this kind and those proven to be true are necessary in order to form basis in the said claims. The case of crop circles has started its globally known case way back in the past. The mysterious shapes, exact symmetrical features, unclassified symbolisms and unique physical arrangements of these crops have dealt wonder to the whole world.

However, up until today, disputes and arguments are rising due to various conflicting ideation from different group perspectives. Evidences are presented, considering some as to be considered genuine while others are proven to be hoax, still the case has not yet been resolved. The research only aims to answer the following questions that are imposed in this issue. 1.

What are crop circles and its relationship to paranormal beings called aliens? 2. Determine the theories that affect the evidence-study of the case? How does it affect the facts discovered? 3.Considering the evidences discovered, are these enough to prove alien existence around us? The issue about this crop circles remains as an equivocacy in the field of paranormal world. These patterned circles are formed symmetrically in the field of crops, usually wheat, barley and oil-seed rape, but sightings have also led to the fields of rye, oats, sunflowers, clover, grass and other ground covers (Perry, 2002, pp.

A2). People living in the areas afflicted by the phenomena states that their belief is entirely supernatural in origin and more of paranormal aspects than of human-innovations.The usual appearance of these crop circles takes only one night and the next day; these are already printed in their lands. The public claims that no human hands, not even the local farmers, are skilled enough to produce such exquisite patterns (Anderhub & Roth, 2002, pp. 99). Changes in these crops are paranormal to the extent that unusual and eerie sounds are being heard prior to its establishment. Right after the astounding occurrence of this event, these circles usually appears. It is a great mystery for locals since it only takes about a minute or less to make this circles appear (Spignesi & Andrews, pp.

13).The bizarre arrangements of these crops circles usually features cereal circle, the crop stem is bent over 90-degrees and not even broken. The flattened crops are usually printed in spiral pattern; crosshatch design or woven-basket style.

It usually forms a clockwise, counter-clockwise or a combination of both manners with sections opposing directions used to innovate color differentiation particularly for subtle hues. Geographical patterns relay complexities of designs, sequence and complexities (Perry, 2002, pp. A2).

Theories InvolvedAccording to witnesses, the sighting of these circles that occurs to them takes only four to seven seconds until the formation appears. The story states that “tubes of light” has descended in the field of bean crops. Suddenly, the appearance of these circles occurs. The shocking experience has led the analysis of the biological status of the area. One of the theories of this occurrence indicates that the vertical circles create forces that hit the ground.

Force that comprises of thousand volts per meter induces the formation gradually in a nanosecond timeframe (Pringle, 2007, pp. 7).Another theory is being proposed in the community of paranormal studies. In one of the occurrences, a bird box that left in the area of the circle prior to its formation has attained circular burns that are primarily concentrated in the edges of this metal bird box. The experts have studied this case and formulated the theory of electromagnetism causation, which might support the voltage claims (Haselhoff, 2002, pp. 22-23).

These discovered causation have provided another support in the claims witnessed “ball of light” occurring prior to the circle’s appearance.

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