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 The Stanford Prison Experiment was about seeing the behavior of the students of this university and see how the people take their roles in a real situation as if they were in jail. But obviously this roles weren’t exactly true, they were all mentioned it was just an experiment and that obviously the “guards” were tolled not to hit the prisoners.In general they are only 3 roles. Ascribed which is when they assigned you a person (referring to a paper, a roll), Achieved is attained voluntarily by a special effort, something you decided to do, a role you choose voluntarily but in this case they didn’t give them the opportunity to choose a role, they assigned each person whatever role they wanted and In-conflict is when you get together 2 of the roles and make a conflict or a problem.In this experiment there were only assigned 2 roles. The ones who were the “prisoners” and the ones who were the”guards”. Now talking about the group structure is the network of communication power roles and pathways in a group. In this experiment the Yale officers have more power than the prisoners because they can punish and do “whatever” they want with them, except hit them. The only thing that prisoners can do was to follow orders and do everything the guards said and order. They didn’t have any good communication at all because obviously the prisoners didn’t want to be on the position they were, and even some of them were suffering at being in their, because also the guards where taking their rol really seriously when time passes and this was affecting mentally and physiologically and it affects their behavior and indeed the person who was in the opposite role. They were torturing them in a physiological way. A grout cohesiveness is the commitment to remain in a group. In this experiment they were forced to do the role each one was designed. Each of them were committee to their role and where taking it really serious since that was the purpose of the experiment and that was how they were going to see the change of behavior of each one. At the end this experiment went all wrong because there was a point in which the guards did take their role more serious than they should off. Social status is the level of social power and importance. It was seen in the experiment that the guards have more power than the prisoners because they made their rules and prisoners had to be obedient to them. A norm is accepted but usually unspoken, standard of appropriate behavior. In this experiment there were several rules and norms that even guards needed to follow. Of course each day they were getting more in their role that the prisoners were getting affected but it was all part of the experiment.


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