The machine does not understand anything at

The Turning test does not prove that machines can think and be considered people. A machine does not understand anything at all.

A machine merely mindlessly does what it is programmed to do. There is no way a programmed machine can understand what it is doing and be human-like.John Searle’s Chinese room thought experiment prove that machines cannot think and be considered people. Through this experiment, it shows that no machine could achieve linguistic understanding and are incapable of thought.

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The experiment allows the machine to simulate understanding, but in all actuality, the machine does not understand anything at all.Alan Turing: My argument is that machines can be constructed in a particular way that can simulate the behavior of the human mind.John Searle: Machines are not capable of thought because they are not made of an organic brainlike substance. Alan Turing: Machines are able to perform a task that even humans are incapable of doing, in many cases they can even perform better than humans. Machines are developing rather rapidly, they must be proficient enough of thinking similarly to humans. John Searle: Programmed machines are able to simulate understanding, but it does not mean that a computer is capable of understanding and thinking like a human being. Philosophy examines aspects of our mind, such as intelligence, personality, and emotions.

This gives us an understanding of how and why think and behave the way we do. The mind and the brain are two completely separate things. Our mind is what makes us unique and gives us an identity. The mind gives us the different types of personalities and levels of intelligence. Our brain is the part that helps our mind function.

Our brains help us process our thoughts, feelings, and memories. Our mind tells the brain how to react and the brain fulfills this action by sending a signal throughout our body. According to the picture I have provided, the brain is the power plant that helps simulate the ideas, thoughts, and actions from our mind. The existence of a supreme being is impossible to conclusively prove or disprove, this subject is a matter of faith and personal opinion. Many believers of a supreme being do not recognize their belief as solely grounded in evidence or reason but in faith. Others believe that there is a supreme being who created the universe and made everything with a purpose.Furthermore, there is a belief that if we are able to image a supreme being, then they must also exist in reality. Overall, I believe that the idea of a supreme being cannot be proven or disproved.

This is a matter of faith and opinion.The concept of a supreme being and the concepts of nature are completely different. The idea of a supreme being is very debatable, there are many opinions of whether or not one exists. The concept of nature is something that is already known and we know that the universe exists.

 Baruch Spinoza’s concept of a supreme being deals well with weaknesses implicit in other philosophical arguments about the existence of a supreme being. Everything that exists in the universe is composed of the same substance, so the concept nature and the existence of a supreme being are identical.According to Plato, reality contains abstract entities known as the forms, this is called Plato’s theory of forms. Plato believes that a priori learning which means that answers are in the brain already. I believe that we are born with all the forms and education reveals the forms to usPlato claims that what we believe is reality is actually an imperfect shadow of the eternal forms.

The forms are unchanging so the true knowledge must be knowledge of the forms. According to Heidegger, nothing is the same and everything is in constant flux. Dasein means “being there” – which is a term Heidegger would use to emphasize the lived reality of our being in this world not of our own choosing.


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