The group is a key element to explain

The ethnographic approach as a qualitative study involves studying the culture of a group of people with an in depth analysis based on description where the emphasis is on the natives’ point of view. It is a process of going beyond the speech to interpret what people do in natural contexts by listening and observing. This approach is committed to cultural interpretation which means that the shared understanding among the participants of the group is a key element to explain their behaviors, so the interpretation of behavior is culturally and contextually bounded, for instance if an American guy offered marriage to an Arab woman and she remained silent, he is going to interpret her silence as a sign of refusal whereas silence in such cases in Arab communities means acceptance .Such cultural relativity needs a special method in collecting data to infer all the different meanings culturally and contextually, so the ethnographer’s task here is to uncover that meaning which can be done by achieving an insider’s perspective on the events. To accomplish that, the ethnographer must be a part of the setting by immersing himself in the culture as an active participant with keeping the natural setting. Participant observation also could be used to collect data along with interviews, questionnaires and documentation as long as there is no intervention of personal opinions or prejudgments since what is meaningful to them may be meaningless to him.

For example going to Tizi Ouzou, attending their weddings ceremony as one of the guests not as a reporter and record everything observed in details.

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