The use of its power, made a decision

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a United States established organization with the goal of protecting the health of humans along with providing safeguards for the natural environment. Our natural ecosystem includes air, water, and the earth upon which people, animals and plants depend on to live. To protect the environment and human health the EPA has various goals. These goals include but not limited to, ensuring that all American citizens are given protection from potential threats to human health and the environment where they stay and work. To ensure that society’s effort to reduce environmental dangers focus on the best available scientific information. Another goal of the EPA is to ensure that federal laws that offer protection to the health of humanity and the environment are reinforced effectively and fairly. Which means, the EPA holds the responsibility of ensuring that people from all over the world, particularly Americans, have clean and safe air, water, food, reduced pollution and global and cross-border environmental risks, and it has to ensure that all the citizens get the necessary and honest information concerning their environment. This is because when the environment is protected, it greatly contributes to making the society and ecosystems sustainable, diverse, and economically productive.
One example of the EPA’s troubles is when they prohibited Arch coal inc. Mine in Southern West Virginia. Under the federal clean water Act the EPA the use of its power, made a decision of revoking their coal mine permit that had been authorized by way of the Army Corps of engineers in 2007. Therefore, my theme for this assignment is the EPA’s controversial choice of forbidding a permit for a mountaintop coal mining operation in Logan Hills, WV. The cause that I have chosen this agency’s trouble is now not the financial and environmental problems that are involved, however the moral implications that surround this agency. What I hoped to analyze is extra about the EPA’s permit process, and possibly the perspectives of each sides of the argument. The position that I’m presently taking is on this is more closer to the facet of the EPA.
The EPA uses lets in to obtain their purpose, environmental protection. A permit offers the authority to the holder permission to dispose waste into the environment, this is provided through the EPA as well.
The EPA put together a draft design on hydraulic fracturing for the agency’s science advisory board. Research suggests that herbal fuel is particularly fundamental in the countries smooth electricity future, and the hydraulic fracturing technique is the utmost potential of how to obtain this resource. Therefore, in order to understand higher any possible results it may additionally purpose to the natural environment, scientists under the EPA and the course of congress have the obligation to learn about the exercise in detail.
The EPA’s point of view is based totally on a number of environmental and water nice concerns. It had the view that, the proposed mining task would lead to disposed a hundred and ten million cubic yards of coal mine waste into streams inflicting water pollution. The mission may also additionally burry more than six miles of super streams in Logan county, west Virginia with lots of mining waste from the dynamiting of more than three thousand, two hundred acres of mountains and forestlands. This burying may lead to permanent damage to ecosystems and streams. For instance, it might also lead to the degradation of watershed, which might also purpose demise of wildlife, have an effect on fowl life, reduce habitat value, and growing susceptibility to toxic algal blooms. Therefore, the environmental safety company made this choice pursuant to its authority beneath section 404 of federal clean water Act. The enterprise has the point of view that its things to do will no longer in any way affect the environment seeing that they have the entirety underneath control. Therefore, environmental safety agency’s prohibition used to be seen as unfair and a trouble to their leading in mining in the region. For instance, industry defender the national mining association had the view that the EPAs selection will solely weaken the believe United State businesses and employees want to develop investments and invulnerable employment opportunities. My thoughts and emotions concerning this difficulty is that, the environmental protection agency made the right decision of prohibiting the mining activity. This is because the mining enterprise is probably to use unfavourable and unsustainable mining practices that purpose injury to the health of the humans in the neighborhood and clean water on which they be counted on. Environmental safety business enterprise and other parties have worked extraordinarily hard to design mining operations that effectively defend the nation’s water, since coal and coal mining are part of the nation’s energy. Therefore, we have the obligation to guard water from pollution and defend the humans who matter on satisfactory water.
Environmental safety company has the duty of making sure that all humans all over the world, mainly the Americans have easy air, clean and secure water, secure food, decreased pollution, decreased world and cross-border environmental risks, and it has to make certain that they create awareness amongst the residents on troubles concerning the environment.


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