The treadmill in comparison to the contrary

The main premise of the article “How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower” is that not only does exercise have benefits for your body, but it has many benefits for the brain. There are many evidence that are outlined in the media passage that support this statement, and each are backed up by research studies that have been done.  One of the evidence that is given is that people who after engaging in intense workouts, were able to learn vocabulary words up to 20 percent faster, thus improving both their memory, and their learning (Winter, 2007) This concept focused on the mental advantage that exercising gives, as one would be more alert due to the increase in oxygen to the brain. Similarly, another study that that is evidence which  supports the mental advantage focused on the completing cognitive tasks. It was found that by engaging in a half-hour bicycle ride, one’s performance was faster on the test when compared to the prior trail, and the mental speed increased lasted approximately up until an hour after the exercise was done (Joyce, 2009). The third piece of evidence that supports the main premise of the article is that exercise can boost one’s memory. This is shown through a research study where women were able to perform 20 percent better on a memory test, and their ability to solve problems also hitched a 20 percent increase after working out on a treadmill in comparison to the contrary (Crush, 2017).

After all of the benefits have been outlined, the end of the media passage then gave a small list of exercises to help have a healthier mind. One of those tips was based on a study that shows that in order to decrease a chocolate craving by 12 percent, all you would have to do is take a 15 minute walk (Oh, 2013). While this information is more of an advice, it is still very useful to help overcome, and bare cravings such that not only does the exercise benefit both your brain and body, but so does avoiding eating the chocolate. Ultimately, it is evident through these various studies that exercising does in fact improves the performance rate, and cognitive abilities of the brain.

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