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The elemental composition of the synthesized Mn0.2Ni0.6 Zn0.2 Gd0.06 Fe1.94O4 nanoparticles has been investigated by the EDX analysis. Fig.3 shows the EDX pattern of analyzed sample and it confirms the presence of Zn, Ni, Mn Fe, Gd and O in the same ratio as they were added during the synthesis.

The atomic weight percentages of the ions are found to be nearly close to the expected stoichiometry. No traces of any impurities were found which indicate the purity of the prepared samples.Nano sized mixed ferrites are the most widely investigated nanomaterials of recent times. They show unusual structural, electrical and magnetic properties that depend on the nature as well as the distribution of the substituted metal cations over the tetrahedral and octahedral sites in the unit cell 1. Owing to their remarkably high electrical resistivity, low hysteresis and dielectric losses, chemical stability and moderate permeability they find varied applications in electronic and microwave devices among other technological applications 2,3.

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The size of particles and properties of ferrite systems are sensitive to the synthesis route adopted, chemical composition and sintering temperature 4,5. Among the various chemical methods, sol-gel method is a simple and promising technique as it yields highly homogeneous nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution. It has the added advantage that it requires low processing temperature and allows the possibility of controlling the size, morphology and distribution of particles 6,7.


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