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In the 21st century, Information Technology drastically changed the way people communicate and interact with each other.

This new phenomenon is made possible by the World-Wide-Web. But even a powerful platform like the Web is useless without the necessary tool that will help an ordinary person understand and appreciate the full power of the Internet. It is for this reason that websites were created. A website is known as a portal because it is the starting point, it is a graphical interface that enables a person to read and manipulate content. In this particular report, two websites related to the economy will be analysed to appreciate the importance of a website. In addition, these websites will be analysed using the five criteria for evaluating a web page.

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The first website to be analysed is Bloomberg and the second website to be analysed is CNN Money. These two sites talks about the economy. The focus of the discussion and the articles that can be found in these sites are all related to finance, the stock market, employment, Gross National Product, as well as the factors that contribute to the success or failure of the national economy. In order to simplify the analysis, the proponent of this study will focus on articles written by paid journalists that are posted in these sites.

In the case of Bloomberg, the article related to crime will be analysed (Goldberg, 2012). In the case of CNN Money the article related to consumer spending will be analysed (Isidore, 2012).


The first criterion is accuracy. The information posted in these two sites can be considered accurate. This assertion is based on the fact that Bloomberg and CNN Money are well-known websites and well-respected in the international community.

Another important consideration is the easy identification of the author. hus, it is easy to make a background check on Goldberg and Isidore if they are real people and if they have the credentials to enable them to write the said articles. They can also be contacted through the organization that supported the sites. It is also very clear that it is not the Webmaster who produced the document. An overview of the articles will reveal that the authors are professionals and qualified to comment on the said topic.

Authority of Web Documents

The second criterion is authority of the web documents.

This criterion is related to the first because the strength of the website is linked to the organization that supported and funded the site. In the case of the two websites mentioned earlier, the organizations that are behind these two sites are respected in the international community. With regards to CNN Money, the publisher of the said articles is CNN, a global news network. In the case of Bloomberg, the publisher of the said article is a company with the same name and an authority when it comes to the stock market.

Objectivity of Web Documents

The third criterion is objectivity. An examination of the articles will reveal that the writers did their homework so to speak, in researching the pertinent details related to their work. There appears to be no bias in their reporting.

The tone of their writing suggests that they wanted to convey an important message and it is supported by facts. The articles were not written to support a particular group or to advertise a particular product.

Currency of Web Documents

The fourth criterion is currency. The articles were produced in 2012. The two websites were updated on a daily basis. Thus, the webmaster and the person in-charge of the site are given information regarding the veracity and accuracy of the articles that are posted there.

In other words, if there are errors, then, they can immediately rectify it and minimize the number of people who will be misinformed by the wrong information. The links were also updated.

Coverage of the Web Documents

The fifth criterion is coverage of the Web documents. This criterion focuses on the number of people that can access the site. Thus, if there is greater coverage then it is easier for a great number of people to read and appreciate the articles.

The two websites are easy to access using a free browser and other software that can be downloaded free of charge. It can be said that most computers already contain the necessary software that is needed for proper viewing of the said articles.

Graphics and other Elements

The use of graphics highlighted the focus of the message. In the Bloomberg article there was an attention-catching picture and it immediately clarified the content of the message. In the CNN Money article there was also an image that spoke more than words and its subliminal message immediately resonated to the reader. There was obvious hierarchy of the graphics images. One of the reason for this method is to separate the images that supported the article and the images that were used to advertise products and services from their sponsors.


The two websites evaluated adhere to the standards included in the five-criteria for evaluating web pages.

The websites are accurate based on the veracity of the information and the fact that the authors can be contacted. Their credentials are also easy to verify. The authority of the website with regards to the subject matter that they cover cannot be questioned because of the credentials of the publisher. The objectivity of the article writer can be easily established. The currency of the website can also be easily established based on the regular updates made.

Finally, the coverage of the websites is extensive because it has a global reach.


Goldberg, J. (2012). Why is violent crime declining? Bloomberg. Retrieved fromhttp://www. Isidore, C. (2012).

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