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THE DURATION OF GADGETS USAGE AND HOW IT AFFECTS THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF CHIANG KAI SHEK COLLEGECHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND IntroductionGadgets, these are pieces of technology which have become essential to one’s daily life. Gadgets are used all around the globe and by all generations. The youth is no exception to this, since the use of gadgets are becoming more prominent on one’s daily life. Most of today’s youth has access to mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets that can be used in different and unexpected ways. They often spend hours by just using gadgets that ranges from phones to computers and even virtual reality.

An improper use of gadget may hinder one’s educational attainment. Recent studies have suggested that there are possible positive and negative side effects from using too much gadgets to a student’s academic performance. The increasing duration of gadget usage in today’s youth have raised question whether gadgets really give students positive or negative effects to their academic performance. Gadgets such as smartphones in education are being considered by educators given that the gadgets provide affordable, popular and practical functions (Ismail, Bokhare, Azizan, & Azman, 2013; Pullen, Swabey, Abadooz, & Sing, 2015). This study will provide an overview of how student’s duration of gadgets usage affects their academic performance. Background of the StudyStatement of the ProblemThis study aims to determine if the duration of gadgets usage have an effect to a students’ academic performance. It will be based on the findings of the study and on the opinions of the respondents belonging from CKSC’s grade 11 and grade 12 students.

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It also seeks to discover the average duration of gadgets usage, and the possible existence of positive and negative effects to the grade 11 and grade 12 students’ academic performance, during A.Y. 2018-2019.Specifically, this study aims to answer the following specific questions: 1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of:1.1 Student – Respondents1.1.1 Age1.

1.2 Gender1.1.

3 Grade level, section and strand2. Are the respondents having difficulty in terms of academics due to gadgets?3. What are the significant effects of gadgets towards the respondents’ academic performance?3.1 Positive Effects3.2 Negative Effects4.

How does the gadgets affect the respondents’ performance?4.1 Midterm grade4.2 Final gradeHypothesis (after chap3)Scope and Delimitation of the StudyThis study only covered on the possible positive and negative effects of the duration of gadgets usage to the respondents’ academic performance. The study also seeks to investigate the average duration of their gadget usage during a school week and weekends; their opinion on the possible relationship between the duration of gadgets usage and academic performance will be considered, to analyze if whether both variables are indeed directly proportionate or not; and the possible positive and negative effect of duration of gadgets usage among the grade 11 and grade 12 students of CKSC. It will also explore the contributing factors of CKSC grade 11 sand grade 12 students’ time span on gadgets and how it can affect their midterm and final grades only in the academic year 2018-2019. Additionally, the study provided insights on which particular demographic group is affected by the effects that gadgets bring towards academic performance. The demographic profile of the respondents consists of the students’ age, gender composed of male or female, grade level grade 11 or grade 12, section –insert sections and the respondents’ academic strand Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM; Accountancy, Business and Management or ABM; and Humanities and Social Sciences or HUMSS.

Because of the given demographic profile, researchers will now be able to determine which demographic group will have the most effect.This study will not cover students from other grade levels and schools. It will not include other gadgets aside from mobile phones, computers, and laptops. Extracurricular activities, conduct, and written activities will be excluded and not be used in the research. The study will also not tackle on how the usage of gadgets affect the health and the psychological behavioral of the said respondents, for it will require additional knowledge about the subject which the researchers do not need to possess.Theoretical FrameworkThe general problem studied by the researchers and/or being faced by the Senior High School students of CKSC is the effects of the duration of gadgets usage to the students’ academic performance. It questions the ability of the students to manage their time properly and to make decisions wisely. The interrelated concepts are: demographic profile of the respondents, midterm and final grade, and the positive and the negative effects of gadgets usage by Senior High School students in terms of academic performances.

In fact, according to Jon Ireland in The Effects of Modern Technology on the Study Habits of Students, ” With advancements in technology, students study habits have drastically changed…

therefore students are learning and studying differently.” Because of technology, students are able to access different kinds of information and sources in a quicker way. With the existence of gadgets sharing of information with one another is far more efficient now, for online portals are available. Studying became more flexible, because there are wide varieties to choose from such as visual or auditory learning.

Lastly, students would have the option to jot down notes or to just type using their gadgets. Although, Ireland presented very well how gadget may be beneficial, he also said that usage of gadget can be a major cause of distraction to a students’ academic performance. (

html) On February 21, 2017, Marites S. Talplacido stated in her article that gadgets do develop a negative effect towards a students’ academic performance. According to her, due to the advancement of technologies, students seem to forget what their true priorities and responsibilities are. Self-discipline, study habits and school performance are greatly harmed, such that students tend to not prepare for their projects anymore, they do not do their homework properly, and thus they often cram for upcoming recitations or examinations. In worst case scenarios, because of social media, students most likely prefer to stay at home rather than to go to school.

Nevertheless, Marites does admit that gadgets also provide us some benefits, for it helps us gather information more conveniently. (, according to the article, The Disadvantages of Gadgets on Students, ” Electronic gadgets offer many advantages to students: greater access to information, increased opportunities for collaboration, independent learning and enhanced communication. However, the effects of gadgets on students are not always positive. Overuse of technology through gadgets like smartphones, iPods and video games may interfere with a student’s attendance, ability and interest in learning.” It is said that due to gadgets, students’ attention span has decreased, with that being said if students suffer to concentrate within class hours, then their grades may be gradually affected. In her article, researchers also concluded that the more time a certain person spend on a gadget the more easily they get distracted and forget to complete a certain task.

( Also, according to the article, work and school overload students with stress, the writer stated that “working full-time while going to school full-time is nearly impossible.” which corresponds to our study that implies “minimizing the homework or school task can reduce stress levels of the senior high school students.” The article will be used as a supporting device to the proponents’ study and it will serve as an evidence as to why overloading the school task can impede the students’ ability to learn and understand properly.The stated articles and studies support the researchers’ main argument that having excessive academic workloads when major exams are approaching can lead to many negative effects such as academic stressConceptual FrameworkSignificance of the StudyThe findings of the study determined how the duration of gadget usage affects the senior high school students’ academic performance based on the opinions of the respondents belonging from CKSC senior high school students and the average duration of gadget usage of the respondents’ midterm and final’s week. The possible existence of positive and negative effects among the grade 11 and grade 12 students will also be tackled in this study during the A.

Y. 2018-2019.The findings of the study will be beneficial to schools, especially, to CKSC. Specifically, the following people will benefit from the study:Researchers – The data from this study can be useful for a similar future research. The study can be repeated in a wider scale, surveying more respondents of different levels and of different schools. Future researchers can also consider the effects of gadget usage to students’ academic learning in general.Teachers – The data gathered from the study can be beneficial for the teachers to adapt to the students’ learning, with the use of multiple teaching methods. This also makes them aware of the possible negative or positive effects of gadgets, which will allow them to further understand the students and to help their teaching methods to be more relevant in today’s generation.

School administrators – The data from the study conducted will help the school administrators to be aware of the effects of gadget usage on students. This will help them to reorganize or set new regulations to help and provide the appropriate needs of the students while further widening and enhancing the school’s educational system.Senior high school students – The study will give students awareness of the possible benefits or consequences of too much gadget use. This will not only help prevent future possible medical conditions to the students but it will also help students to be more responsible and disciplined in using gadgets.Definition of Terms


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