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The GLF worsened Chinese citizens’ lives as it caused a major food shortage for chinese citizens. One ambitious GLF aim was to double steel production in 1 year, leading to the establishment of small backyard steel furnaces across the country. All over China, many neglected their normal jobs to produce steel, taking away too much manpower that could otherwise be used to grow crops. And because of the falsely exaggerated harvest, the government took a bigger share of crops to send to cities.This left very little crops for the peasants, and the food scarcity soon led to a famine. “Demographers have used official census figures to estimate that 20 million to 30 million people died to famine”, making the Great Leap Forward the deadliest famine in history, hence worsening the citizens’ lives, who originally were better off farming on their own, but had food and woks taken away from them. The food shortage caused citizens to be extremely weak and unable to look for food, and died horribly in a prolonged death. Hence, tons of miserable people suffering from starvation were physically and emotionally damaged, hence worsening chinese citizens’ lives.  Supporting argument 2 50 words limitWhat other necessary points/issues need to be addressed to further develop the essay? The GLF worsened Chinese citizen’s lives as the state often used brutality against the Chinese citizens. This was because of the petty crimes committed by the citizens because of their hunger, as well as because the state began to start focusing on achieving high crop yield to achieve the goals of the GLF, and tried to force citizens to support through the use of brute force. During the GLF, people were tortured, starved to death, beaten or killed for various reasons, including opposition to the government, for refusing to hand over the meagre amounts of food they had left, or as little as stealing food. The portion of people tortured by the state was a considerable portion of the Chinese population. This use of brute force on the Chinese worsened the lives of the Chinese as it caused many people to go through extreme sufferings and torture that caused immense physical and mental pain. Furthermore, those who were not tortured were also living in a state of constant fear, intimidation and terror. They were also worried of themselves one day being caught by the government and labelled as ‘counter-revolutionaries’. Hence, the Great Leap Forward deteriorated the well-being of the citizens. Supporting argument 3 50 words limitYou may add more supporting argument you deem necessary.The Great Leap Forward improved the lives of the citizens as the state started to take care of those who were vulnerable. Schools and nurseries were formed to take care of the children while “Houses of Happiness” were created to house the elderly and healthcare was provided so that families could work and not have to worry about leaving their elderly relatives at home. These vulnerable groups of people’s welfare were being taken care of and guaranteed by the state, and parents could work worry-free and not have the extra responsibility of taking care of these groups of people, hence relieving the burden on the parents. Hence, the Great Leap Forward improved lives as the vulnerables were taken care of by the government.


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