The Selection in Population). Natural selection is

The Hardy-Weinberg is best defined as keeping a population constant from evolving (College board 2012). Evolution can determine change in frequency of alleles in population of organism.

(College Board 2012). Allele frequencies change due to force of evolution (Mechanism of evolutionary change). Furthermore, Hardy-weinberg is disturbed by natural selection (Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium). You can determine allele frequency in population by hardy-weinberg and and predict what will happen in population change in the future (College Board 2012).         Natural Selection is defined as differential survival and reproduction of an individual due to differences in phenotype (Natural Selection in Population). Natural selection is the most important for evolution , the change in traits of a population over time (Natural Selection, Wikipedia). Natural selection causes “microevolution” which result in change of allele frequency, and increases alleles to become more visual in a population (Natural selection in population).

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More reproduction by each organism will equal to more likely for each generation that can survive, Organisms that make up heritable traits have chance to the environment and will survive. As Isolation occurs during reproduction it is more likely to result in new species.           The purpose of this lab was determine the effect of Natural Selection in population. Because my group and I  tested reproduction in a allele frequency by random mating, we determined if the the genotypes survive, or die. We also tested by trying a method where if we got both recessive traits the baby dies. And if you get both dominant alleles we used a penny to flip if the genotype dies or lives, If the coin laid on tiles the genotype dies and if it lays on heads then it gets a chance to survive. So since it is affected by natural selection the dominant and recessive traits will change in reproduction due to selectively mating and certain diseases.



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